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10 Breathtaking Islands in Canada Which You Would Hate to Miss


Canada is a beautiful tourist attraction with a lot of attractive places to visit. Top on the list of tourist attractions for visitors in Canada are the beautiful Canadian islands where you can enjoy a lot of fun activities like sun bathing, waters ports boat riding and general beach life

If this sounds like something you would love, then you would hate to miss these islands in Canada:

Entry Island: Entry Island is located off the Magdalen islands coast in Quebec and located 12km from Cap-Aux- Meules in the Magdalen islands. The entry island can only be accessed through air or ocean transportation. It features lavishly tinted cliffs, beautiful green hills and a very active fishing culture

Georges Island: Georges Island has a lot of underground tunnels, prison camps and quarantine stations because it was used by the army to protect the city of Nova Scotia in ancient times.

Greenly Island: If you are not scared of the tales of ghosts surrounding this island, then the greenly island Canada is a place where you must visit at least once in a lifetime. It is used as a migratory bird sanctuary and several species of sea birds such as the herring gull, black guillemot, Atlantic puffin and the razor bill, flock to this island when is breeding season.

Pictou Island: Another island of repute to visit in Canada is the Pictou Island. The island makes use of windmill and solar to generate electricity.

Lennox Island: Lennox Island, Canada is also known as Prince Edward Island. It is located in Malpeque Bay off the North West coast of Prince Edward Island. There is a lobster processing plant and an historic catholic mission, St. Anne’s Catholic Mission located on the island.

Harrington Harbor: The Harrington harbor is one of the cleanest and most beautiful islands in Canada .Every year, about 300 tourists visit the Harrington harbor via a helicopter during the winter season.

Victoria Island: The Victoria Island is also known as the Island of Peninsulas or the kitline. It is the second largest Island in Canada and has a population of about 1.8million people.

Sable Island: If you are a horse lover , you would certainly love the Sable Island because it is often said that the number of horses on the Sable Island       out numbers the number of people .And the best thing about the Island is that the horses are left to roam freely       and protected by the government

Toronto Island: This Island was previously known as the island of Hiawatha. It is a chain of small islands located in the Capital City of Canada, Toronto .It is the home to a small residential community and a popular recreational destination.

Oak Island: This is the top most see island in Canada with a wide range of amazing tourist attraction. History has it that priceless treasures were buried on the island by the pirates in the 18th century.

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