10 everyday habits that can make you smarter


A lot of people have the impression that getting smarter involves reading tons of books. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One can easily increase their intelligence quotient by broadening their horizons with even the smallest of activities. How we approach certain situations can substantially improve our mental horsepower. Getting smarter doesn’t involve a huge commitment of time and energy. A little bit of effort every day can take you a long way. We’ve compiled a list of 10 simple actions that will make you a smarter individual.

Read the day’s paper
When you are up to date with the events happening all around the world, you can strike up meaningful conversations with almost anybody. Not only that, you’ll also learn to form informed opinions on varied subjects like politics and science.

Follow interesting people
We have a world of information at our fingertips today thanks to social media. Following interesting people on Facebook and Twitter and having their thoughts reflect on your newsfeed can make you more knowledgeable and curious about things.

Hang out with smart people
Take a walk with or go out for coffee with someone who inspires you. When you spend time with intelligent people and ask them questions, you are bound to learn in the process.

Play to become smart
Playing games like Scrabble and chess can expand your mind. Even solving the Sudoku or a puzzle every day will keep your creative juices flowing.

Pursue your hobby
When you adopt a hobby like learning an instrument or learning how to bake, you’ll look up new tunes and recipes that you’ll want to try. This kind of research and dedication will keep your mind from falling into a rut.

Practise what you learn
If you recently learnt a new word, try to use it in a conversation. Similarly, if you learnt how to play a new instrument, play it for your friends. When you put to use what you have learnt, you become smarter.

Make a ‘things I did’ list
When you note down all your day’s accomplishments, it can make you happier and more confident and this will make you a smarter individual.

Get out of your comfort zone
Push yourself to do something you would never do as it will help you combat fear and leave you wiser in the process.

Take some time out
Take a week’s leave from work and do what you really enjoy. Be it travelling or simply helping out at an NGO, downtime can help you put things into perspective and make you sharper at the same time.

Be curious
The number one way to expand your horizons is to question everything. Lifelong learning can make you a smarter, more knowledgeable person who hasn’t given up on gaining wisdom.

Create a daily routine that will promote healthy brain activity. Eating right and keeping your body fit will also contribute majorly to you becoming a smarter person.

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