10 incredible facts about the Human Brain you probably.


Most people know that our Brain is the most essential part of our body. It is responsible for our ability to think, express, feel, etc., as well as our ability to breathe. The brain also helps us develop our sense of self and personality. Here are some lesser-known facts about the brain:

The brain can predict the future
Apparently, there is a Midbrain Dopamine System (MDS) that sends signals to the rest of the brain about non-occurred events. Maybe, it is what we know as intuition!

Teenagers’ brains are not fully formed
Contrary to popular notions that the brain gets fully developed by the age of five, even when children enter their teens, their brains are not fully developed. The grey matter of the brain develops just before puberty and massive development changes occur in the frontal lobes, which are responsible for decision-making. However, the parts of the brain responsible for multi-tasking do not mature until the age of 17. In fact, teenagers do not feel either empathy or guilt, but only learn by socialising with others.

The brain is more active while sleeping
It is always said that a good night’s sleep is important for a human being. But nobody knows the main reason behind it. During the day, our brain does lots of activities which need to be remembered, so a good night’s sleep is the best way to remember all that work done throughout the day, as it also helps to stabilise our memories. Many scientists believe it is way to enhance the emotions and interactions of our daily life or processing up the information and events occurred, which is why dreams appear.

Men use 10% more of their brain than women!
Okay, okay before you think this is a sexist comment, please understand, it’s just a scientific fact. Female brains are considered smaller than male brains, but the nerve cells and the cortex of brain is larger in females, which allows women to be smarter than men and to work more efficiently. The ability of thinking, identifying and controlling emotionally, using language skills, is also greater in women, but the ability to think logically is part of a male brain. Men can perform more spatial activities than women. Men use mostly their left side of the brain, often called rational or logical side of the brain to perform their task whereas women use both the sides of their brain which means they transfer the vibes to both left and right sides at a faster speed.

The brain consumes the maximum energy
The brain consumes about 20% of the energy produced by the body. This energy is used to memorise, sense, manage the central nervous system, etc, otherwise, it may lead to disorders like a stroke.

Different people have different brain sizes
People with bigger heads have larger brains, and higher levels of IQ., making them more intelligent and cleverer than people with smaller heads. Einstein’s genius brain was different from the other scientists because of high ratio of neurons. Another famous example is Ung Young, who already understood algebra at the age of 8 months, could speak four languages fluently by the age of 2 , and graduated at the age of 15.

The brain feels no pain
Pain is something which the brain gives us as a warning signal of something that has happened, since the brain itself is not a sensory organ but gives us commands through the sensory organs such as eyes , skin, tongue etc. if something pains us. The brain is considered to lack pain receptors, which is why it is not able to detect things. But we still get headaches due to the sensitive structure around the brain, but the brain itself has no nerves present in it.

There are 100 billion neurons in the brain
Neurons are the cells within the nervous system that pass on information to other nerve cells or muscles through electrical and chemical signals. Whenever we think, laugh, move , talk etc. it is because of these signals are running between these neurons along billions of other tiny neurons which create and send large number of messages. Thus, if a single neuron generates a single amount of electricity, all the other neurons together generates so much amount of electricity that it can power up a light bulb. They send information to brain at more than 150 miles per hour.

New brain wrinkles develop each time we learn something
Has anybody thought what is the reason behind being smart? It is because of the wrinkles present in the brain. The top of the brain is convoluted by deep fissures , smaller grooves called Sulci and ridges called Gyri whose surface is the Cerebral Cortex where neurons are located. Because of this we are able to store so much information, which creates even more wrinkles, making us think intelligently. Since humans have a bigger-size brain than animals, humans have more capacity to produce neurons which create wrinkles indicating the limit to how much humans can learn.

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