10 insanely expensive wristwatches


From miniature moving bird sculptures to solar systems on your wrist, these watches are only for the rich.

While wristwatches were in heavy use around a decade ago, mobile phones and smartphones are almost pushing then into extinction. However, wristwatches will never go out of fashion, but could be replaced by smartwatches. While electronic watches have replaced the traditional mechanical ones, you must know that mechanical watches have evolved to a new level, which integrate electronics and fine engineering.

Mechanical watches are in higher demand, especially seen by enthusiasts, collectors and the affluent. In the video below, you are about to see the marriage between the mechanical engineering and precise electronics which helped create one of the finest, yet insanely priced wristwatches that you probably won’t be able to afford in this life. Our heart skipped a beat when we heard the price of one of these masterpieces at a whopping $300,000.

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