13 MN need help in Syria United Nations

13 MN need help in Syria United Nations

13 MN need help in Syria United Nations

Over 13 million people in the territory of Syria are in dire need humanitarian assistance, currently, according to the UN Humanitarian Chief. They need proper housing assistance, food, health care facilities, and other basic needs.

The Security Council at UN was told that the number of Syrians who have been displaced has come down from 6.3 million to 6.1. However, still the levels of displacement remain high. Since the overtake of the Islamic State in the November 2016, a rise in clashes and violence has seen about 436,000 people being displaced to different locations.

Heavy fighting, airstrikes, violence, death and injuries has led to this large scale displacement. The International Organisation for Migration, in its reports has reported about 350,000 people to have been forced to flee from their homes, and about 250,000 since October.

Because of the violence, airstrikes and clashes, the medical and health care facilities have become inoperable, which has led to 15,000 people suffering. A cold room storing 140,000 doses of vaccinations provided by the UN has also been destroyed.

Nearly 3 million people are currently living in hard to reach areas, and have made the UN to face challenges to reach them and meet their humanitarian needs. Only 10 per cent people were able to be contacted and reached by the UN, of the people living in such besieged locations.

Since the beginning of the year 2017, about 110,000 people have received assistance from the UN as far as food is concerned, out of approximately 400,000 people. The UN currently is delivering about 40,000 people with food and other health assistances. The UN is trying to curb not just starvation, but also malnutrition issues, by trying to reach out to as many people as it can with assistance. They are trying to do this by requesting the Syrian Regimes to allow them through the blockages.

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