Monthly archives: April 2013

Yes, it's jihad

It’s a real shocker. Mumbai Police, in an internal circular, has asked cops to monitor activities of a Muslim organisation – Girls Islamic Organisation. Their reason: The organisation is “indoctrinating young women and training them for jihad.” First, let us see what this organization is that, according to Mumbai Police, is out to make jihadis out of college-going Muslim girls. Girls Islamic Organisation is a wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. […]

Remembering Pattycake, the Bronx Zoo’s Beloved Gorilla

In Pic :Pattycake in an undated photograph. She was once celebrated as “the Shirley Temple of the animal world.” She was so popular that she became the subject of a custody battle between two competing zoos. When she suffered a broken arm, rapt New Yorkers followed every twist and turn of her convalescence. Her name was Pattycake, and she was the first gorilla born in New York City. She died […]

The Experts: Should There Be a Price on Carbon Emissions?

Yes, there should be a price on carbon emissions. Directly pricing carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) provides a far better “bang for the buck” in mitigating climate change than many of the policies that have actually been put in place (such as feed-in tariffs or tax credits for wind and solar or fleet-averaged fuel efficiency standards for automobiles). Unfortunately, policies that dole out money and hide costs are often […]

In Drought hit Maharashtra,India - IPL organisers to waste 48 lakh litres of Water for Matches

Drought hit Maharashtra where cattles, birds are dying with lack of water and famers are committing suicide. IPL 6 runs for 8 weeks. Severely drought hit Maharashtra will host 16 games. Each week needs at least 3, 00,000 liters of water for grass and pitches. Soil 6 will consume 48 lakh liters of precious water JUST for the ground maintenance.   It’s being questioned if entertainment is more important over […]