Monthly archives: April 2013

Culprit in Heart Disease Goes Beyond Meat’s Fat

It was breakfast time and the people participating in a study of red meat and its consequences had hot, sizzling sirloin steaks plopped down in front of them. The researcher himself bought a George Foreman grill for the occasion, and the nurse assisting him did the cooking.   For the sake of science, these six men and women ate every last juicy bite of the 8-ounce steaks. Then they waited […]

As Boston reeled, younger bombing suspect partied

As the world hunted him, the younger brother suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings acted like any other college sophomore. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, was on the campus of University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth every day after the attack until late Thursday, a university official told CNN. Tsarnaev attended classes and dorm parties while the rest of Boston came to a tense standstill. A student at the school told The Boston Globe  that […]

There are underwater rivers flowing along the bottom of the ocean

The subterranean Amazon: Mighty river found flowing 13,000ft below ground The Amazon river is known to be the second longest in the world, shorter only than the Nile but, remarkably, scientists have discovered another river flowing thousands of feet beneath it. Researchers from Brazil’s National Observatory believe the subterranean river is 3,700 miles long, about the same length as the Amazon on the surface. Dr Valiya Hamza, from the BNO, […]

Police Say Boston Marathon Suspect in Custody and Alive

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured alive Friday after a standoff in boat in a Watertown backyard, police said. Police converged on a home at 67 Franklin Street and surrounded a boat in the driveway where 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hiding. This came after a tip from a resident that she had seen blood on the boat and in the grass and noticed a ladder. Earlier, officials revealed that Dzhokhar […]

Police: One marathon bombing suspect dead, one still at large. Boston Shuts down

Two men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people this week terrorized the area overnight. One is dead, but the other is on the loose, police say, and he’s armed and dangerous. Police pursued two men early Friday who shot a police officer to death, stole a vehicle and threw explosives at law officers pursuing them. Authorities believe they are the same two men sought in the […]

Yemen Wants Their Guantanamo Detainees Back

In some regards, the Yemeni government’s recent demand for the repatriation of Yemeni detainees who have been languishing in Guantanamo Bay for nearly a decade seemed to come out of left field, as did the prison hunger strikes that prompted it. President Obama’s 2008-election-campaign promises to close the notorious prison remain unfulfilled. According to recent polls, roughly 70 percent of Americans back the president’s decision to ignore his pledge and keep […]

The entire Boston community is mourning the bombings. But Muslims also fear a backlash

As the investigation into who was behind the Boston bombings goes on, Muslim communities are braced for a backlash should the perpetrator share their faith. The day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Yusef was treated differently. The 10-year-old went to his Ohio-area school and was surprised by a question from a classmate, according to his family. While the class was discussing the explosions, the classmate is said to have asked: […]

'Most Earth-like' worlds detected

The search for a far-off twin of Earth has turned up two of the most intriguing candidates yet. Scientists say these new worlds are the right size and distance from their parent star, so that you might expect to find liquid water on their surface. It is impossible to know for sure. Being 1,200 light-years away, they are beyond detailed inspection by current telescope technology. But researchers tell Science magazine, […]