Monthly archives: May 2013

Earliest creature yet discovered on the evolutionary line to birds has been unearthed in China.

Features seen in the bones of Aurornis tell scientists they are looking at the beginning of the bird line   What may be the earliest creature yet discovered on the evolutionary line to birds has been unearthed in China. The fossil animal, which retains impressions of feathers, is dated to be about 160 million years old. Scientists have given it the name Aurornis, which means “dawn bird”. The significance of […]

14 dead in bus-tanker collision in Thane

Thane: At least 14 people were killed and 36 others injured in a collision between a private bus and a tanker at Medvan Khind on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway today. The collision between the private luxury bus and the tanker took place around 7 AM, police said. Resident Deputy Collector Manoj Gohad said rescue operations have already been launched. “The disaster management machinery has been pressed into service and medical teams […]

Chinese hackers acces major U.S. weapon system designs

According toreport published by for the Defense Department and government and defense industry officials,Chinese hackers have gained access to the designs of many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems. The compromised U.S. designs included those for combat aircraft and ships, as well as missile defenses vital for Europe, Asia and the Gulf, including the advanced Patriot missile system, the Navy’s Aegis ballistic missile defense systems, the F/A-18 fighter […]

Britain: EU Ends Arms Embargo On Syrian Rebels

BRUSSELS — The European Union said its member states within days will be able to send weapons to help Syria’s outgunned rebels, seeking to pressure President Bashar Assad’s regime ahead of planned peace talks mediated by the United States and Russia. Though no EU country has any such plans now to send arms, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the decision “sends a very strong message from Europe to the […]

Sri Srinavasan may become first Indian American US Supreme Court judge

A Stanford graduate with Bay Area ties reached one of the highest levels of U.S. law on Thursday. The U.S. Senate confirmed Sri Srinivasan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Srinivasan is the first nominee to that important Circuit Court to win confirmation. Because that court considers legal challenges to executive actions by the President — such as environmental or health regulations — it’s considered a […]


Woolwich Attacker Video? Footage Shows Man With Bloody Hands Defending Assault (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS DISTURBING FOOTAGE   In a disturbing twist to the “sickening and barbaric attack” on a man in London’s Woolwich neighborhood, video has emerged of a man defending the assault. The video appears to show the man proselytizing with a knife and meat cleaver in his bloody hands. The alleged attacker tells the camera, “I apologize women had to witness this today. But in our land, our women […]

India bans captive dolphin shows, says dolphins should be seen as ‘non-human persons’

Dolphins have long been one of our favorite ocean-going animal counterparts, blurring the line that separates human intelligence and emotion from the wildness of nature. Sadly, though, this attraction has resulted in dolphins around the world being exploited for our entertainment, subjected to a life in captivity. But now, in a bold move to protect the well-being of dolphins, India has moved to ban dolphin shows — a push that […]

Teen's invention could charge your phone in 20 seconds

Waiting hours for a cellphone to charge may become a thing of the past, thanks to an 18-year-old high-school student’s invention. She won a $50,000 prize Friday at an international science fair for creating an energy storage device that can be fully juiced in 20 to 30 seconds. The fast-charging device is a so-called supercapacitor, a gizmo that can pack a lot of energy into a tiny space, charges quickly […]

Yahoo buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, vows not to screw it up

The deal, announced on Monday, is a bold bet by Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer to revitalize the company by co-opting a Web property with strong visitor traffic but little revenue. The combination of Yahoo and Tumblr creates an online powerhouse with roughly one billion users, which will draw in more advertisers and help Yahoo keep visitors on its properties for longer periods of time, Mayer told Reuters in an […]