Monthly archives: May 2013

Oklahoma tornado tears massive path of death, destruction

Moore, Oklahoma (CNN) — Rescue workers raced against time and darkness Monday night looking for survivors after a powerful tornado blasted an area outside of Oklahoma City, leveling homes and leaving at least 51 people dead. At least 20 of the dead were children, including at least seven from Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, which lay directly in the path of the monster storm’s wall of wind. Seventy-five students […]

84 Percent Of New York Fast Food Workers Report Being Victims Of Wage Theft

More than four-in-five of fast food workers in New York City say they have been victims of wage theft or work hour abuse at their jobs, according to a survey released today from Fast Food Forward, an advocacy group that has been aligned with striking restaurant workers across the city. Workers at New York City fast food chains have staged multiple one-day strikes in recent months, first in November and […]

Topless FEMEN Protesters Disrupt Barbie 'Dreamhouse Experience' Opening In Berlin (PHOTOS)

BERLIN, May 16 (Reuters) – Women’s rights protesters disrupted the opening of a giant pink doll’s house in Berlin on Thursday, saying the Barbie “Dreamhouse Experience” objectified women. Promoting the doll made by Mattel Inc, the house allows paying visitors to try on Barbie’s clothes, play in her kitchen and have a go on her pink piano. The exhibition will be open until Aug. 25. A handful of protesters gathered […]


Syria Execution Video: Jabhat Al Nusra Jihadists Kill Regime Supporters (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers.   A video distributed Thursday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows jihadists in the east of the country executing supporters of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The Britain-based watchdog did not specify whether the men killed were combatants, nor did it say when the footage was shot. The men killed by Al-Nusra Front, a […]

Boston suspect 'wrote message in boat'

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the accused in Boston Marathon bombing, who was found hiding in a boat days after the blasts, left a handwritten message describing the attack as retribution for US wars in Muslim countries, an American news channel has reported. The CBS News report on Thursday cited anonymous sources and said that Tsarnaev used a pen to write the message on an interior wall of the boat, where police found […]

Atari Breakout turns 37; play the iconic game in Google Image Search

Commemorating the 37th anniversary of the popular video game “Breakout”, Google has come up with an easter egg that lets you play the old “Breakout” game – developed by Atari in 1976 – right inside the Google Image Search. To play the game, go to Google Image Search and enter “atari breakout” into the search bar. On hitting enter, you won’t be given images to browse through, instead a playable […]

Israeli airport sorts passengers with ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’

This shocking story– of yet another “huge humiliation” of a non-Jew at Ben Gurion airport– was posted by Mira Awad, an Israeli Palestinian singer, on her Facebook page, in Hebrew, today. Ami Kaufman at +972 provided a translation of the entry, and notes that Awad is a celebrity in Israel. Awad in translation: So, I was checked at the airport, they asked the questions, put the stickers on, and I […]

Saudi man arrested in Detroit after statement on pressure cooker

Hussain al-Khawahir, 33, arrived at the Detroit airport on Saturday and was questioned about why he had brought a pressure cooker with him. The man’s name was spelled al-Khawahir in the criminal complaint, while a spokeswoman at the U.S. attorney’s office had earlier said it was al-Kwawahir. He initially said the pressure cooker was for his nephew, a university student in Toledo, Ohio. “The Defendant then changed his story and […]

Rat meat and Chinese food safety

It seems that barely a day goes by in China without news of yet another food safety scandal. But the latest case – even by Chinese standards – was truly stomach-churning. Hundreds of people were arrested after passing off rat meat as lamb. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the scandal has given rise to a round of stories about rodents. I heard one anecdote about a restaurant in southern China that serves up […]


U.S. Kicks Drug-War Habit, Makes Peace With Afghan Poppies

ZARI, Afghanistan — Because of the poppies, the raw material for most of the world’s heroin, the list of things 1st Lt. Christopher Gackstatter and his 2nd Platoon can’t do in Sartok is far longer than the list of things they can. Marching into the mud-walled village in t­­his sun-baked district of southern Afghanistan on an April 24 intelligence-gathering mission, the boyish 25-year-old lieutenant and his roughly dozen riflemen and […]