Monthly archives: September 2013

China hit by killer typhoon Usagi

Typhoon Usagi has killed at least 25 people after striking south China’s Guangdong province Sunday evening, the provincial flood control headquarters said Monday.Thirteen deaths were reported in Shanwei City, where 24 others were injured in accidents during the storm, Xinhua reported citing official tallies. Usagi – the Japanese word for rabbit – was designated a super typhoon Saturday after it passed through the Philippines and Taiwan, moving toward China’s mainland. […]

Don't blame your satnav... the A3 really has vanished! Two years on, and a corner of countryside blighted by traffic is transformed by miracle of engineering

The busy A3 used to skirt the edge of the Devil’s Punch Bowl, near Hindhead in Surrey Road has now gone, moved deep underground, where over 1,000 vehicles an hour pass through £371m, 1.25-mile Hindhead Tunnel They look worlds apart – a trunk road buzzing with traffic and the stunning beauty of remote heathland. Yet these astonishing photographs show how what was once a notorious traffic bottleneck has been returned […]

10 Largest Things Of Their Kind In The World

Humankind has always been impressed by really, really large things. Whether natural (like the Grand Canyon, which hosts around five million visitors per year) or man-made (like, say, the world’s largest fire hydrant in Beaumont, Texas, which draws considerably fewer), we seem to be inexorably drawn to things that make us feel tiny. It seems that in our never-ending quest to list interesting things, though, some of the largest have […]


At least 20 killed when gunmen attack Nairobi shopping mall, Red Cross says

STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: “People were petrified, crying, praying,” witness says NEW: Police vet those rescued from the building to ensure they are not attackers “We’re doing our job to ensure that everyone is evacuated to safety,” interior ministry says Gunmen attacked an upscale shopping mall in the Kenyan capital on Saturday, leading to a fierce gunbattle with police and leaving at least 20 people dead, the Kenyan Red Cross said. […]


US plane in 1961 'nuclear bomb near-miss'

A four-megaton nuclear bomb was one switch away from exploding over the US in 1961, a newly declassified US document confirms. Two bombs were on board a B-52 plane that went into an uncontrolled spin over North Carolina – both bombs fell and one began the detonation process. The document was first published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper. The US government has acknowledged the accident before, but never made public […]

Hero guide dog saved baby after running free from its owner and pushing pram away from out of control car

Labrador Jet pushed one-year-old Jacob’s pram out of the path of the car Jessica Crowley has hailed her guide dog as a hero after the incident Hero: Jessica Cowley has hailed her guide dog Jet a hero a hero after he pushed her son Jacob’s pram out of the path of an out of control car A guide dog saved the life of a baby after running free of its […]


Hague watchdog probes Syria chemical weapons data

The international chemical weapons watchdog has said that it is studying details submitted by Syria about its arsenal of poison gas and nerve agents. But a spokesman for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said it was expecting more details from Damascus ahead of deadline for submissions by the end of Saturday. Syria has agreed to provide a full list of its chemical arms by then. It […]


Worlds Biggest Whale Shark Caught in Karachi Pakistan

The fishermen brought the giant fish to the Karachi Fish Harbour and claimed to have found it dead in the open sea. Some experts believe that the shark might have been killed after it got entangled in a net, a Pakistan daily reported. The whale shark was taken out of the channel with the help of two cranes amid rapturous applause by hundreds of onlookers. “I have bought the fish, […]


Iran's president calls for 'constructive' dialogue, end to 'unhealthy' rivalries

STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: In Post op-ed, Iran’s president says failing to engage “leads to everyone’s loss” NEW: Iran’s nuclear program is solely for energy, a matter of national pride, he says John Kerry praises Iranian president’s comments on talks, nuclear program Yet the top U.S. diplomat adds: “Everything needs to be put to the test” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made his case Thursday to the American people and the world […]


Mexico storms: Death toll up to 97 as Manuel loses force

Mexican authorities say 97 people have been killed by storms that hit the country earlier in the week. In the village of La Pintada, near the Pacific coast, a landslide partially engulfed the town. At least 15 bodies have been recovered and almost 70 residents are missing, the authorities said. A helicopter involved in the rescue effort in the area has disappeared with three crew on board, according to Mexican […]