Monthly archives: October 2013

rangutan tied up and taunted by cruel mob which made her climb up a pole is rescued by a British charity

Alone with no water, orangutan was surrounded by jeering humans Rescued by International Animal Rescue after villager became concerned Taunted and tormented, a female orangutan is cruelly mocked by villagers who have captured her and turned her into an afternoon’s entertainment. Alone with no water or food, she is surrounded by a circle of jeering humans. When she tries to break free, to run back to the jungle in western […]

CNN pays a visit to Roma community in Greece where 'Maria' was found

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Roma couple has been charged with kidnapping little blond “Maria,” who they have raised A crew with CNN visits the Roma community in Greece where Maria was found Roma view outsiders with deep distrust even in the best of times They describe a life of hardship since Greece’s meltdown but say Maria was treated well Multicolor blankets and clothes draped over rusty railings serve as a signpost that […]

Pakistan PM Sharif urges Obama to end drone strikes

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has told President Obama the US should halt drone strikes in Pakistan, a critical source of tension in the relationship. The two leaders held wide-ranging talks at the White House on Wednesday, pledging to strengthen the often-strained ties between the nations. The leaders also discussed tension between Pakistan and India over the disputed Kashmir region. Mr Obama said the US and Pakistan remained important strategic partners. […]


Missile doors left open while Air Force nuclear officer slept

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Two disciplined for leaving silo blast doors open Air Force says security was not compromised Disclosure follows firing of two-star general In another public embarrassment for the Air Force’s nuclear missile program, two crew members were disciplined earlier this year for leaving silo blast doors open while they were on duty in an underground facility housing nuclear missiles. The incidents, first reported by the Associated Press, were confirmed […]

Manna Dey: Legendary Indian singer dies

Indian singer Manna Dey has died in a Bangalore hospital at the age of 94. Dey had been ill for the past few months and was in hospital for a respiratory infection. His funeral is due to take place later on Thursday. Born Prabodh Chandra Dey in 1919, Dey was popularly known as Manna, and was credited with several hit Bollywood songs. He sang in several languages including Hindi, Bengali, […]

Kudankulam: India nuclear plant begins operating

The controversial Kudankulam nuclear plant in India’s Tamil Nadu state has begun producing electricity after years of delays and protests, officials say. The plant was connected to the grid on Tuesday, Press Trust of India reported. In May, India’s Supreme Court ruled that the power station could start operations as it was “safe and secure”. Opponents of the plant, which is on the coastline hit by the 2004 Asian tsunami, […]

DON'T MISS 1 - 6 of 10 10 things you need to know about Black money

India will now be able to track black money held in Swiss bank accounts.  Switzerland has finally agreed to share information on funds held in its banks to fight tax evasion and concealment of illicit funds. Switzerland has been under severe pressure to co-operate with countries across the world and divulge data on funds parked in Swiss banks. Swiss banks are known to have strict client confidentiality clause and hence […]

Italy's fantastical farmers' sheds turned holiday homes

The latest property of choice for holiday home buyers in Southern Italy is not a rustic villa or a rambling farmhouse – it is a former farmer’s shed, which would not look out of place on the set of Lord of the Rings. Trulli are the trademark of Puglia – existing nowhere but the Valley of Itria. Round limestone buildings with conical roofs, they are as magical as they are […]

Peek-a-boo: A window on baby's brain

A baby’s first smile is an exciting moment. But what can it tell us about their understanding of the world? Boasting about the speed of childhood development is the sport of choice for many a doting parent. From the 12-week scan right through the early years, monitoring the physical and mental progress of their pride and joy is a source of both excitement and concern. Especially rewarding is the onset […]

Syria conflict: Hama truck bomb 'kills at least 30'

At least 30 people have been killed by a suicide truck bombing on the edge of the central Syrian city of Hama. State news agency Sana said Syrian rebels had driven a truck laden with over a tonne of explosives into a government checkpoint on a busy road. The explosion appears to have set ablaze a nearby petrol tanker, increasing the damage and casualties. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human […]