Monthly archives: November 2013

Italy's Senate expels ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi

The Italian Senate has voted to expel ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from parliament with immediate effect over his conviction for tax fraud. Berlusconi, who has dominated politics for 20 years, could now face arrest over other criminal cases as he has lost his immunity from prosecution. He told supporters in Rome it was a “day of mourning” for democracy. Ahead of the vote, he vowed to remain in politics to […]

Thailand travel warnings issued as thousands of protesters gather

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Despite anti-government protests, Bangkok residents remain calm, unconcerned More than 20 nations issue warnings for citizens to avoid political gatherings Some tourists didn’t even realize there were protests taking place in Bangkok Though on the surface it seems like another typical day in central Bangkok — hot, muggy and busy, with traffic snarls around town — tension is rising as protesters continue to exert pressure on the Thai […]

Aarushi Talwar: Parents Rajesh and Nupur get life for double murder

An Indian couple have been sentenced to life in prison for murdering their daughter, Aarushi Talwar, and their Nepalese servant, Hemraj Banjade. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were found guilty on Monday of murder, destroying evidence and misleading investigators. Their 14-year-old daughter was found murdered at their home in May 2008. Suspicion initially fell on Hemraj until his bludgeoned body was found on the Talwars’ roof just one day later. The […]

The haunting wildlife photography of David Yarrow

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Award-winning photographer travels to the most remote parts of the world to take wildlife pics Photo of a shark feeding on the baby seal took 30 hours to capture It’s best to photograph Africa in October, Arctic in May and June, says Yarrow One thing makes Scottish photographer David Yarrow’s work stand out from a world of wildlife photography — a unique point of view. African elephants tower […]

Oldest Buddhist shrine holds clues to Buddha's birth

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Archaeologists have found Buddhist shrine from sixth century B.C. Its remains were found under a known Buddhist shrine, built about 300 years later Results are published in the journal Antiquity The older structure seems to have been made of timber There are about 500 million Buddhists worldwide, but it’s unclear exactly when in history this religion began. The Buddha’s life story spread first through oral tradition, and little […]

Kiribati island: Sinking into the sea?

Lying just two metres above sea level at its highest points, the island nation of Kiribati is the poster child for climate change, with predictions that many of the 32 islands in the group could be lost to the sea in the next 50 years. But what is it really like? Julian Siddle from BBC Science reports from South Tarawa, Kiribati’s main island. The stereotypical image of Kiribati is of […]

Top 10 natural world wonders you may have never heard about

Here are 10 awe-inspiring natural wonders that will surely bring on a serious case of wanderlust. These obscure natural formations will have you scratching your head wondering if some alien life form really created these. The Darvaza gas crater, known as “The Door to Hell,” is a 196 feet wide and 65 feet deep hole in the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan.  The fire, fueled by natural gas, has been burning […]

Iran sanctions 'could be lifted in December' - Fabius

An adoring crowd gathers to meet the Iranian negotiators as Emily Buchanan reports French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says some EU sanctions on Iran could be lifted as early as next month, as part of a nuclear deal with world powers. He was speaking after crowds in Tehran cheered negotiators who had agreed to curb some of Iran’s nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief. The six-month interim deal agreed […]


Australian family set Christmas lights record

  An Australian family have put up 502,165 Christmas lights around their home, setting a new world record. The Richards family, in Canberra, set the record for the most Christmas lights on a residential property, Guinness World Records confirmed. The father, David Richards, told reporters he had started working on the display in October. The family first held the world record in 2011, before losing the title to a family […]