Monthly archives: February 2014

Go inside the real 'hell' on Earth — if you dare

Take a look at this stunning photo of Tolbachik, an active volcanic complex on the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia. Lava fountains and rivers ran through the area for months after the eruption began with the opening of two Tolbachik fissures in November of 2012. In the midst of this activity, photographers Luda and Andrey (lusika33) took a trip down to see that stunning hell valley on earth   […]

Militants attack Nigerian school and 'shoot students'

  Islamist militants from the Boko Haram group in north-eastern Nigeria have attacked a school and shot some students, the military has said. Dozens of pupils are reported to have been killed. Police told Reuters that all the dead were boys and that some of the bodies “were burned to ashes”. The attack took place in troubled Yobe state, the military said. Residents of the town of Buni Yadi said […]

Top Bitcoin exchange MtGox goes offline

The value of Bitcoin had fallen sharply on the MtGox exchange in recent days One of the biggest Bitcoin Exchanges, MtGox, has gone offline. The exchange has been hit by technical issues and recently halted all customer withdrawals of the digital currency after it spotted what it called “unusual activity”. The move is a setback for backers of Bitcoin, who have been pushing for greater adoption of the currency. Meanwhile, […]

Oldest Known Holocaust Survivor, a Prison Camp Pianist, Dies at 110

Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest known survivor of the Holocaust, died at 110 on Feb. 23, 2014. Her death comes a week 86th Academy Awards, at which a film about her life is nominated for best short documentary. Alice Herz-Sommer used to perform on the piano for fellow prisoners at the Nazi concentration camp where she spent nearly two years of her life. It was the music that saved her life […]

Pentagon's Chuck Hagel plans to downsize US military

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has unveiled plans to shrink the US Army to its smallest size since before the US entered World War Two. Outlining his budget plan, the Pentagon chief proposed trimming the active-duty Army to 440,000-450,000 personnel, down from 520,000 currently. Cold War-era Air Force fleets – the U-2 spy plane and the A-10 attack jet – will also be retired. The US defence budget remains higher than […]

North Koreans really ARE kept in the dark: Astonishing NASA picture shows backward communist state as a black patch on the planet

Much of North Korea’s 24million population forced to endure power cuts and hours of darkness Image was taken from the International Space Station orbiting the Earth on January 30 Only show-piece capital city of Pyongyang is illuminated against the darkness North Korea appears like a black hole in a sea of light in this remarkable NASA satellite image of the isolated communist state. Taken at night on January 30 from […]

Remembering the DC-10: End of an era or good riddance?

The DC-10, which makes its final passenger flight later, has been labelled a “death trap”, hailed as a “workhorse” and even immortalised in a Clash song. For some, the controversial aircraft’s last landing at Birmingham Airport will mark the end of an era in consumer aviation. But how will the rest of the world remember it? First put into service in 1971, the American-made “trijet” was one of several aircraft […]

Luxury Ukraine presidential home revealed

The lavish country estate of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has been thrown open to the public as parliament voted to remove him from power. Mr Yanukovych has left the capital Kiev and his whereabouts are unknown. On Sunday, parliament voted to return ownership of the Mezhyhirya property to the state. Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called for it to be put under state guard to prevent looting. Please follow and […]

Apple security flaw could allow hackers to beat encryption

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A major flaw in Apple Inc software for mobile devices could allow hackers to intercept email and other communications that are meant to be encrypted, the company said on Friday, and experts said Mac computers were even more exposed. If attackers have access to a mobile user’s network, such as by sharing the same unsecured wireless service offered by a restaurant, they could see or alter […]

Sochi 2014: Russia top medal table as Olympics come to an end

Host nation Russia finished on top of the medal table as the 22nd Winter Olympics came to a close in Sochi on Sunday after 17 days of competition. International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach officially closed the Games during an extravagant 130-minute ceremony. South Korea were given the Olympic flag as Pyeongchang hosts the 2018 Games. GB at the Winter Olympics Total medals: 26 Gold: 10 – Figure skating (four); […]