Monthly archives: March 2014

'Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed we were hit by lightning': Pilot's calm announcement as plane is struck by THREE bolts at once

Flight from Amsterdam to Birmingham was hit by lightning on Friday Passengers heard a ‘massive bang’ – but the plane landed as normal Woman photographing the storm caught a picture of one bolt striking The aircraft’s captain only told passengers afterwards what had happened   A bright flash of light and booming noises in a cramped seat thousands of feet in the air would be enough to put off even […]

Climate impacts 'overwhelming' - UN

Scientists fear a growing impact of global warming on humans   The impacts of global warming are likely to be “severe, pervasive and irreversible”, a major report by the UN has warned. Scientists and officials meeting in Japan say the document is the most comprehensive assessment to date of the impacts of climate change on the world. Some impacts of climate change include a higher risk of flooding and changes to crop […]

India's social media election battle

Narendra Modi has his own website and is on Twitter, Facebook and Google+   Ahead of the general elections, political parties in India are attempting to woo voters on social media for the first time. Politicians are taking part in Google+ Hangouts, televised interviews organised by Facebook and using the Facebook-owned smart phone messaging app WhatsApp to connect with millions of tech-savvy urban voters. India’s 16th general election – to […]

At least eight killed in local polls

At least eight people were killed March 30 in clashes between groups backing rival candidates in Turkey’s municipal elections. Security officials said six people were killed in a gun fight between two families in the village of Yuvacık in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Hilvan district, which borders Syria. In the Siverek district of the same province, another brawl happened after one family insisted on violating the rule of anonymous […]


He didn't admire his dad, until he discovered a secret gift years later

More often than not, parents are a child’s first role model. Someone they admire and revere – hoping to be like them in appearance and character when they grow up. But what if they are not? What if a young boy doesn’t like his single parent, his father, for being poor and unsuccessful? Is character above money? ‘Gift’, a short film about a father-son duo will touch your heart and send […]

Father builds guillotine and chops off his own hand in bid to end years of agony after accident left him in pain but doctors did not help...and it still hurts

Mark Goddard, 44, used an axe, some springs and a gate post to cut it off Father-of-one from Devon says NHS has ignored his pleas for amputation But pain he suffers is still there and has issued deadline for NHS surgery ‘I’ve told them that if nothing is done, I will take the arm off,’ he said   A motorcycle crash victim has amputated his injured hand with a homemade […]

Smoking bans cut asthma and premature births by 10%, study says

Smoking during pregnancy is not advised because it can damage the foetus   Laws banning smoking in public places have had a positive impact on child health, an international study in the Lancet suggests. Researchers found a 10% reduction in premature births and severe childhood asthma attacks within a year of smoke-free laws being introduced. A research team analysed 11 previous studies from North America and Europe. The Royal College […]


The incredible moment in which a deaf woman hears for the first time

Joanne Milne has not heard a single word, bird chirp or music note for 39 years. Four weeks ago, she got electronic cochlear implants. This is the exact moment when she hears for the first time and starts to cry overwhelmed by the feeling and emotion. I don’t blame her! I felt overwhelmed and teared up just by watching it, but I can’t even begin to imagine her feelings. According […]

Oscar Pistorius trial: Defence case postponed

The defence in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius has been postponed until 7 April as one of the assessors assisting the judge has been taken ill. The athlete had been expected to take the stand on Friday. The trial, in the South African city of Pretoria, has already heard 15 days of prosecution-led testimony. Mr Pistorius denies deliberately shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in February 2013, saying he mistook […]