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Inspirational one legged dancer - who lost her limb through harrowing hospital blunders in India - becomes a huge star after appearing on talent show

Subhreet lost her leg after a road accident in 2009 The young nurse needed 7 operation on her leg after infection set in Had to learn to walk again on just one leg Having always loved dance was determined not to stop after accident Found a dance school and in February auditioned for India’s Got Talent Wowed the judges and won over the heart of the nation with performance A […]

Our bodies, our bugs, and learning to love the bacteria that live inside us:Jane Macdougall

Here’s a radical idea for you, one that could land you in big trouble in some of the darker corners of the world. And by darker corners, I mean the U.S. or Europe. “No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated by any other means.” That sentence was uttered by Maimonides, the famous Spanish-born, Sephardic physician of medieval times. It could also have been uttered by Dr. […]

Viewing pornography ‘really frequently,’ sexting are commonplace among teenaged boys in Canada

A survey of thousands of young Canadian students across the country found a “concerning pattern” of teenaged boys seeking out pornography regularly, according to the non-profit organization MediaSmarts, while accounts of “sexting” were also commonplace. The Ottawa-based digital literacy outfit, which was launched as a CRTC initiative in the 1990s, worked with schools and parents in each province and territory to conduct a wide-ranging survey with 5,436 students in Grades 4 […]

Could PRUNES be the key to successful slimming? Study finds they make dieting easier by suppressing appetite

Dieters are usually told to avoid dried fruit because it contains a lot of sugarBut, those who eat prunes lose more weight than those who do notThis is because the fibre in the fruit makes dieters feel fuller for longer A handful of prunes twice a day could keep hunger at bay. Slimmers who snacked on them lost weight – despite dieters normally being told to eat sugar-laden dried fruit […]

Blue light makes you more alert: Colour's short wave length improves performance

•Volunteers were exposed to either a blue or a green light for almost seven hours a day•Those exposed to a blue light reported quicker reaction times and fewer lapses of attention•Researchers found that blue light exposure made people feel ‘less sleepy’ Feeling blue might take on a whole new meaning after scientists found that blue light actually perks you up. The light, which has a short wavelength, was found to […]

India special task force to find 'black money'

India has set up a special task force to find illicit money, in one of the first decisions taken by the government of new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The special investigation team (SIT) would seize “black money” – cash that has not been declared or taxed and is mostly deposited in foreign banks. The decision was taken at the first cabinet meeting of the new government. According to some estimates, […]

Breast milk makes us stronger: The male athletes drinking an unlikely 'natural alternative' to energy supplements

A number of male athletes are apparently turning to human breast milk as a natural alternative to energy drinks. Anthony, a 30-something athlete from Queens, New York, told NYMag.com that he’s met ‘a lot of guys’ at different gyms who consume ‘the good stuff’. He typically buys the rich and creamy fluid online, from sites including Only the Breast and Human Milk 4 Human Babies, for about $2.50 an ounce. […]

Google data centers get smarter all on their own — no humans required

Google’s uber-geeky research into neural networks — to make computers work more like human brains — looks a lot smarter. While most of us were thinking that research would turn out speech recognition consumer products, it actually turns out that Google has applied its neural networks to the challenge of making its vast data centers run as efficiently as possible, preventing the unnecessary consumption of energy and thus saving money. […]

India's Rising Middle Class Competing With America, Says Barack Obama

Washington:  As a rising middle class – from Brazil to India competes with Americans, and as new nations embrace democracy and market economies, the US has to be ready to respond to this new world order, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. “The world is changing with accelerating speed. This presents opportunity, but also new dangers,” Obama said in his address to the United States Military Academy at West Point […]

9 of the world's most controversial foods

 Exotic food is part of the global travel experience. But recent efforts by conservation groups to ban the much-loved deep fried shark sandwich in Trinidad and Tobago have proved these experiences are often fraught with cultural difficulties, especially for travelers who like to experiment with new experiences. Here are some of the more exotic food items travelers might encounter, along with reasons some say you should avoid them The ortolan […]