Monthly archives: May 2014

Pakistan's tragic battle with polio

Pakistan is facing international travel restrictions because of an uncontrolled outbreak of polio. But unless vaccinators gain unfettered access to North Waziristan, where the Taliban are in control and have banned the vaccine, it will be hard to stem the spread of the disease, reports Kim Ghattas. In a Peshawar hospital, two-year-old Gul [his name has been changed for safety reasons] is getting a check-up. He screams when his legs […]

Hackers locking iPhones, demanding ransoms

A large number of people, mostly located in Australia, are reporting they have come under an unexplained attack that holds their iPhones and iPads hostage and demands they pay a $100 ransom. The attack appears to work by compromising iCloud accounts associated with the disabled devices, according to an Apple support forum discussion that started Sunday morning and quickly accumulated several hundred posts. Commandeered devices typically emit a loud tone […]

MERS: 5 things to know

MERS-CoV, short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, first surfaced in Saudi Arabia in spring 2012. As of Wednesday, 571 cases of MERS have been confirmed in 18 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Two of those cases were in the United States. There have been 171 deaths worldwide. Here are five things you should know about MERS: It’s a coronavirus MERS is in the same family of viruses […]

Think your partner's cheating? Trust your gut instinct! Tummy could be your best guide, says new research

Main nerve from gut found to send signals  to the brain that effect behaviour When vagus nerve is cut wariness and fear  are reduced Relearning a new response to a stimulus  also becomes slower  The old adage that you should always ‘trust your gut’ has some weight, new research reveals.     We often ‘feel’ threatening situations in our stomachs and, while the brain has long been viewed as the […]

The body-builder with no arms: Meet the inspiring mother-of-two who can still hold her own

Barbie Thomas lost her arms in an electrical accident when she was just two. Her arms were scorched down to the bone leaving them ‘like charcoal’ This weekend she competed in the NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championship in Charleston, South Carolina. Though she didn’t win any major awards, she got a standing ovation from the crowd This past weekend at the NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championship, only one bodybuilder among […]


Few clicks from the Narendra Damodardas Modi’s swearing in ceremony From Delhi, venue, India Rashtrapati bhavan. Along with Prime Minister post, 45 other cabinet and other minister were also swear for their responsibilities. Many renowned personalities have witnessed this oath ceremony like, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sri lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksh, Afgan President Hamid Karzai and Premier of Nepal, Bhutan and Mauritius and President of Maldives and Bhutan too. […]

Eating fewer calories boosts cancer survival: Study finds it reduces the risk of disease spreading to other organs

Reducing calorie intake by a third improved breast cancer survival rate Dieting may strengthen tissue around tumour so cancer cells can’t spread Maintaining a healthy weight also makes treatment more effective A low calorie diet could help prevent an aggressive form of cancer from spreading around the body. Scientists have found that cutting calories reduces the likelihood of one type of breast cancer migrating to other organs. They were looking […]

You Can’t Get Up Without Falling: 10 Life Lessons We Learn From Bad Breakups

I believe people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are obvious; other times, they’re far more subtle. Over time, however, we usually come to realize and understand why life took a certain path. From what I know now, most of our biggest life lessons come from those we allow into our hearts. When I met my ex, I was vulnerable, exposed and recently pieced back together. I welcomed […]

A new art form is born! Pregnant mothers show off their growing bumps with intricate paintings to celebrate the promise of new life

A pregnancy is a certainly something to celebrate, and now, a growing number of women have discovered a new way to showcase their treasured bumps. California-based company Pacific Face Painters is just one of the services available today to paint the bellies of expectant mothers with beautiful art. From Hindu elephants and birds to floral nature scenes and even the imaginings of an unborn baby resting just beneath the surface, […]

A record-breaker at just 13: Meet the Indian girl who is the youngest female ever to scale Everest

As far as records go, this one is special as can be. When she scaled Mount Everest on Sunday, Malavath Poorna not only became the youngest-ever female to perform the feat, but – along with her team member Sadhanapalli Anand – also proved that no goal is unattainable for those with a strong will. All of 13, Poorna reached the summit around 5.55am after a 52-day long expedition with her […]