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How to beat STRESS: It's the modern epidemic that wrecks lives and relationships. This major series shows you can conquer stress using mindfulness, the new calming technique EVERYONE is talking about...

Modern life is stressful. From frantic careers to financial worries, caring for children to making time for your spouse, sometimes it can all seem like too much, even for the calmest of us. It’s little wonder, then, that we’re more highly-strung than ever before. Recent research found that one in five women confesses to feeling anxious most or all of the time. And some 53 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were issued […]

Twitter to take India election innovations global

US social networking company Twitter is planning to replicate parts of its India election strategy across countries that go to polls this year, after it emerged as a key tool for politicians and media companies during the world’s largest democratic exercise.  In India, Twitter Inc worked closely with politicians including the victor Narendra Modi who used the platform for election campaigning, and also partnered with mobile and media firms to […]

Improve your immune system with beta glucan

Much of 21st century chronic disease is due to a breakdown in the coordination and balance of the immune system. Immunomodulation is a key term that refers to the control and coordination of the immune system. Specific herbs, nutrients and botanical co-factors help to improve the immunodulatory systems of the body. Beta glucans have been shown to be one of the best immunomodulation substances with powerful health benefits. The immune […]

Milan building will pioneer smog-eating cement

When the Milan Expo opens next year, the centerpiece building will be a masterpiece of sustainable engineering. Designed around the idea of an urban forest, the new Palazzo Italia will generate its own electricity, and will be clad in materials specifically designed to clean the surrounding air. The designers, Nemesi & Partners, are using photocatalytic cement – basically, concrete that’s been mixed with titanium oxide. When the building material comes […]

Is Your Liver Toxic?

Why a colon cleanse is necessary first Before you consider maximizing your liver function, be sure to cleanse your colon first. Why? A major function of the liver is to clean your blood, and the best way to make it as easy as possible for the liver to do this is to cleanse the colon first, so the blood that comes to your liver is as toxin-free as possible. If […]

Weight-loss surgeries leap in Canada, study says

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, in Canada has jumped four-fold since 2006-07 and a new study says the health-care system has made great strides to meet the demand. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy removes about 80 to 85 per cent of the stomach. (Shutterstock) “One in 5 Canadian adults has obesity — and with those rates continuing to grow, so too will the need to understand the implications for the health-care system,” […]

For a longer life... eat lots of hot curries: Scientists say pain-blocking ability of chillis boosts lifespan

A spicy meal like curry can boost your  lifespan, according to scientists Switching off body’s ability to feel pain  could be key to increasing lifespan Advice follows experiments in mice by  preventing pain signals reaching brain A curry or stir  fry for dinner won’t just spice up your evening – it could might also help you  live longer. Scientists say  that blocking the body’s ability to feel pain boosts lifespan […]

Controversial Indian ring auctioned at Christie's

A ring belonging to an 18th Century Indian ruler has been sold at an auction in London amid criticism from heritage groups. The jewelled golden ring was sold for £145,000 by Christie’s auction house. It belonged to Tipu Sultan, a Muslim king, and is notable because it was inscribed with the name of a Hindu God. Tipu Sultan is best known for fighting against British rule in India. The ring […]

The secret link between money and happiness

You’ve heard the saying, “money can’t buy happiness,” but what if a certain amount of money actually does make you happier? And don’t people feel unhappy when they learn a colleague is earning more money for doing the same amount of work? At the very least, money, or lack of it, can bring some level of joy or despair. Several LinkedIn Influencers weighed in this week on why salaries shouldn’t […]

Prime Minister of India for half an hour- BBC Trending

Meet the 19-year-old who inadvertently grabbed the “Prime Minister of India” Twitter handle – the same one India’s top leaders are now tussling over. Qaiser Ali says he still doesn’t understand how it happened. The teenager from Lucknow in India just wanted to give his Twitter handle a better name. “I don’t know how but it came into my mind to check PMO [Prime Minister’s Office] of India, and when […]