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10 Early Signs of Liver Disease – What to Look Out for

Liver disease is often stereotypically linked to alcohol or drugs, but the truth is that there are more than 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a multitude of factors. Here we list some common symptoms you should be aware of if you are concerned about liver disease. The liver is the largest internal organ and largest gland in the human body. The liver plays a vital role in […]

Happy anniversary! On Mars, Curiosity rover has done a lot in a long year

A year is a very long time on Mars — 687 days. NASA’s Curiosity rover can attest that it’s enough time for some unexpected life changes. On Tuesday, the rover celebrated the Martian one-year anniversary of its touchdown on August 6, 2012. Looking back, some things have gone much better than anticipated, in spite of one nasty snag. Signs of life Its main mission: Find out whether Mars could have […]

Revealed: Loophole that hides 90 PER CENT of political party donations

Behind the smoke of paltry figures, seemingly intended to hide the big-ticket donors’ details, political parties in India have unwittingly revealed a lot. About 90 per cent of the donations received by these parties across the political spectrum are from sources whose identities are not in the public domain. (Be open: Should India’s President Mukherjee insist on more openness with the country’s ruling bodies?) The news puts all those donations […]

What should your blood pressure really be?

For years, we were told that a good blood pressure was 120/80. In recent years, the pharmaceutical companies re-vamped the standard and set it at 110/70.   But that is NOT what the literature suggests!! I was taught in Naturopathic College, that for every decade over 60 – you could raise the rate about 10% without concern. But in a new article published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) […]

Gratitude: 7 Ways Saying ‘Thank You’ Can Transform Your Life

We hear it constantly: “Successful people engage in the practice of daily gratitude.” We’ve likely also heard it constantly from our parents during our adolescent years: “Be appreciative and grateful!” But how many of us truly understand what appreciation is? Furthermore, how many of us truly understand how beneficial gratitude can be to our lives? 1. You’ll begin to see the positive in everything Practicing gratitude on a daily basis […]

World's next tallest tower: Super green, very pink

No one can accuse China of stinting in its efforts to reach for the sky. Less than a year after construction was halted on a world-beating 838-meter tower in Changsa in central China (just days after it began) architects have revealed plans to build something even bigger. At one kilometer (0.6 miles) high, the largest of the two Phoenix Towers planned for Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in central […]

Iraqis use Firechat messaging app to overcome net block

Iraqis have been turning to an app which allows group messages to be sent between phones, without the need for an internet connection, in an effort to circumnavigate government restrictions. About 40,000 users downloaded Firechat last week, compared with 6,600 over the previous few months, the company says. The internet has been blocked in some Iraqi provinces, as authorities seek to prevent militants from communicating. Access to social media sites […]

Malaysian court to Christians: You can't say 'Allah'

Malaysia’s highest court has reject a challenge from the Catholic Church seeking to overturn a ban on non-Muslims using the word “Allah” to refer to God. But after the Federal Court announced its verdict on Monday, the government released a statement saying that the ruling would only apply to the Church’s newspaper, which has been at the center of the court battle since Malaysian authorities ordered the publication to cease […]

Shocking lapse at Jodhpur hospital as staff jab humans with injection meant for animals

In a shocking lapse by medical authorities, the patients at a government hospital in Jodhpur were administered veterinary injections for three days despite the vials clearly stating that these were not meant for human use. An estimated 300 one-gram vials of Meropenem, a Schedule H1 antibiotic, were issued from the four pharmacy counters of the Mathura Das Mathur Hospital under the ‘Chief Minister Free Medicine Scheme’.  The blunder was revealed […]