Monthly archives: July 2014

Rajasthan: 22-year old woman diagnosed with rare disease that sheds 'blood tears'

 In an unusual case, a 22-year-old woman from Kota has been diagnosed with a rare disease which leads to shedding of “blood tears” from the eyes instead of saline water. According to doctors at a government hospital here, the woman named Lakshaya Bais has been traced out as the third patient suffering from the rarest of rare diseases. Professor in medicines at the government-run Maharao Bheem Singh (MBS) hospital, Dr […]

3 Reasons for John Kerry to Be in India While the Rest of the World Burns

It’s a tough time to be the top diplomat representing the world’s sole superpower. Israelis and Palestinians are at war. Iraq and Syria are convulsed by civil strife. Libya’s security situation is rapidly deteriorating. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine threaten to explode. Afghanistan is enmeshed in an election crisis. A nuclear agreement with Iran remains elusive. And at this crucial juncture, Secretary of State John Kerry has jetted off to […]

At least 22 dead, 270 hurt in Taiwan gas explosions

The death toll is rising in Taiwan in a series of explosions triggered by underground gas leaks in the southern city of Kaohsiung, according to state-run news agency CNA. At least 22 people were killed and another 270 injured when the powerful blasts ripped through the city’s sewage system early Friday. Firefighters from neighboring cities rushed to Kaohsiung to help battle the flames, CNA reported The government also called up […]

'No American is proud' of CIA tactics: US State Department

Washington:  The State Department has endorsed the broad conclusions of a harshly critical Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation and detention practices after the 9/11 attacks that accuses the agency of brutally treating terror suspects and misleading Congress, according to a White House document. “This report tells a story of which no American is proud,” says the four-page document, which contains the State Department’s preliminary proposed talking points in response […]

Ebola: Liberia shuts schools to tackle outbreak

Liberia’s government has announced that it is closing down all schools across the country to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Some communities would be placed under quarantine as well, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said. Non-essential government workers will be sent home for 20 days and the army deployed to enforce the measures. The number of people killed by the virus in West Africa has now reached 672, […]

These 9 Animals Might Be Living Inside Of You. Hope You Weren't Trying To Sleep Tonight

They say that you swallow spiders in your sleep, but that theory has been debunked. Here are 9 REAL living organisms that could be in your body right now.  To be honest, I would prefer the spiders. Tapeworm – This vile scum lives in your digestive tract and there are no signs or symptoms. The only way to know for sure if you have a Tapeworm is to inspect your […]

One in every 3 Apple engineers is Indian

BANGALORE: India has become a major ingredient in Apple’s secret sauce, and the scale may surprise many. It is estimated that a third of the $171-billion company’s engineering staff is Indian, and that a large and increasing proportion of its enterprise software, service and support work is done by Indian IT vendors.  Apple filed 1,750 H-1B applications during the 10-year period 2001 to 2010, but the number increased sharply to […]

Landslide in India Kills at Least 10, Traps 150

NEW DELHI—A landslide triggered by torrential rains tore through a village in western India on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people and leaving an estimated 150 others trapped under mud and debris, authorities said. More than 40 houses were buried when a section of hill crashed down on the village of Malin near the city of Pune at around 5 a.m. Many residents, asleep at the time, were believed entombed, […]

Turmeric as effective for treating disease as 14 different conventional drugs - study

It’s no secret that turmeric has amazing healing properties; in fact, it’s one of the most thoroughly researched plants in history. Dating back thousands of years, humans have used turmeric as both a food and a medicine, even using it to cure life-threatening diseases. Researchers at GreenMedInfo, an organization dedicated to providing evidence-based resources to the world, found turmeric to have over 600 potential preventive and therapeutic applications and 175 […]

Massive security alert over Android 'Fake ID' bug as experts warn personal and financial details of millions of users have been at risk for four YEARS

Malware can impersonate other apps in order to gain access to secure areas of your phone Vulnerability dates back to the January 2010 release of Android 2.1 Malware could also gain access to Google Wallet to steal financial information Google has issued patch for the bug A new flaw in Google’s Android mobile operating system leaves the personal and financial details of users open to hackers, a mobile analytics firm […]