Monthly archives: August 2014

Gmail smartphone app hacked by researchers

US researchers say they have been able to hack into Gmail accounts with a 92% success rate by exploiting a weakness in smartphone memory. The researchers were able to gain access to a number of apps, including Gmail, by disguising malicious software as another downloaded app. Gmail was among the easiest to access from the popular apps tested. The hack was tested on an Android phone, but the researchers believe […]

Indian scientists find a ‘wonder herb’ in the high Himalayas

In the high and hostile peaks of the Himalayas where sustaining life is a challenge in itself, Indian scientists say they have found a “wonder herb” which can regulate the immune system, help adapt to the mountain environment and, above all, protect from radioactivity. Rhodiola, a herb found in the cold and highland climate, has led India’s leading scientists to wonder if it is the end to the quest for […]

Cambodian rat meat: A growing export market

A unique harvest is under way in the rice fields of Cambodia where tens of thousands of wild rats are being trapped alive each day to feed a growing export market for the meat of rural rodents. Popularly considered a disease-carrying nuisance in many societies, the rice field rats, Rattus argentiventer, of this small South-East Asian nation are considered a healthy delicacy due to their free-range lifestyle and largely organic […]

Top 5 hidden benefits of spicy foods

Everyone loves a little spice now and then in their meals. Not only does it thrill the taste buds, but also makes food more palatable. But the fun of eating it apart, there are health benefits of tucking into food that might make you cry. Here are some of them… Weight loss: For one, that extra spice can also cause you to lose the flab. As per research, chillies have […]

ISIS captures major military air base in Syria using child suicide bomber

Jihadist fighters captured a major military air base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, removing the last government-held post in a province the extremists claim as part of their new “Islamic State.” The storming of Tabqa air field, a major government military facility containing several squadrons of planes, helicopters, tanks and artillery, is a significant victory for the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). “Some of the Syrian […]

Tributes paid to film director Richard Attenborough

The Oscar-winning actor and director died on Sunday at the age of 90. Steven Spielberg said he was “in an endless line of those who completely adored him”. David Puttnam called him “completely irreplaceable”. Prime Minister David Cameron said he was “one of the greats of cinema”, while Ed Miliband called it “a sad day” for film “and the Labour movement”. Lord Attenborough was a member of the Labour party […]

Feedback Is Valuable

Information, comments or views about us through others’ eyes is ‘environmental feedback’. Our quality of life depends on how we take the feedback about ourselves from others.If we know how to handle this properly,then it will help to keep us on track on our life plan. It also helps us become wiser and saves us from various psychosomatic illnesses. On the surface, environmental feedback can be either pleasant or unpleasant […]

Gmail: Lesser known tricks and tips

Gmail, the world’s most popular email service, has certain features which are unknown to most users. Although it provides unsurpassed search capabilities, great spam filtering, and loads of free storage, it also offers much more. Google web mail service can jump through hoops in many ways, which you have never thought of, with just a little know-how and some key add-ons. Here are some little known tricks and tips built […]

Tips to cure seasonal cold

  It is said that no matter what you do, a seasonal cold will take a week’s time to get cured. But experience says that if you take proper care along with medication then the severity can be reduced to almost 70 percent. So, here are a few tips to cure you from the terrible cold that’s affecting your performance at work and mood at home: Ginger tea: The first […]

The myth of “no Canadian experience

Of all the “elephant in the room” stories (or myths) immigrants to Canada face, there is one that has been persistently used to signal some type of failure on the immigrants’ part: lack of Canadian experience. The reality is that all immigrants (to any country, not just Canada) lack experience from their new home; after all, they have never lived there before! While the phrase “lack of Canadian experience” can […]