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Holy Man Claims He Has Not Eaten Or Drank Anything In 70 Years

What is the longest you have gone without a piece of food or a glass of water?  A holy man in India claims that he has not eaten or drank anything for 70 years! Prahlad Jani is the 83-year old man who lives in a cave near Amba JI Temple without any kind of food or water.  Why in the world would a man choose to not eat for such […]


The 20-Year-Old Who Plans to Remove All Plastic from the Ocean

Boyan Slat is a an inspiring young man on a big mission, to remove all plastic from the ocean, and he has no plans of slowing down until his mission is complete. No, he’s not some superhuman 20-year-old wunderkind who magically found a potential fix to a major Global Crisis. He’s simply a shining example of personal dedication, conservation of resources, hard-work and trial and error. Slat says, “But that’s […]


Heart-pounding video shows hikers fleeing down Mount Ontake from a deadly torrent of superheated ash

If you’ve ever wondered what my nightmares are like, they pretty much go like this. On Sept. 27, a group of hikers was enjoying the fall weather on the Japanese volcano Mount Ontake. Suddenly, the volcano erupted, letting loose an incredible pyroclastic flow, a torrent of superheated ash that barrels down the slopes of the volcano like a thundering wall of death. The hikers tried to get away, but the […]

Kudroli Temple appoints two SC, ST widows as priests in Karnataka

Mangalore: Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple here has perhaps become the first in the country to appoint two widows from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities as priests to perform pujas and other rituals. Last year the temple had appointed two other widows as priests and they have been performing their duties since then. Chandravathi from Ranipur and Lakshmi from Chilimbi were appointed as priests in the historic century-old shrine on […]

Dialysis at Rs 100? He made it happen!

Indian American Harvard Medical School student Sachin Jain looks beyond boundaries of direct service. Sachin Jain comes from a family of philanthropists. His India-born father, Subhash, and others funded Jain’s paternal aunt Shanti, who had committed her life to rural health care in Phalodi, Rajasthan. The family runs the HBS Trust, which, among other things, runs a non-profit hospital (Kalapurnam General Hospital) and a school (Bal Academy). He watched as […]

Chinese spiritualists pierce their cheeks with spikes and swords… in ritual intended to bring peace of mind

It is part of the Vegetarian Festival at Bang Neow Shrine, Phuket, Thailand Participants are island’s ethnic-Chinese who believe ritual will banish evil They believe that the holes in their cheeks help them to purify themselves Not only must they refuse meat but also sex, alcohol and other vices They also walk on hot coals, climb ‘bladed’ ladders and take baths in hot oil This Chinese spiritualist may soon realise […]

PM Modi Speaks At Madison Square Garden: Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a saffron jacket, got a full-house reception on Sunday at New York’s Madison Square Garden, a venue that rock stars dream of packing with a sell-out audience. He thanked the crowd of about 18,000 Indian Americans who constantly chanted his name, for the rousing welcome. Here are the highlights of his speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Madison Square Garden Kavita Krishnamurthy sings the […]

42 Lesser Known Amazing Human Body Facts

1.Children grow faster in springtime 2.It is not possible to tickle yourself. 3.All babies are color blind at birth, they see only black and white. 4.Each person sheds 22 kilograms of skin in his or her lifetime. 5.Average life span of a taste bud is only 10 days. 6.Your teeth start growing 6 months before you are born. 7.Largest muscle in your body is one on which you are sitting […]


Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99/mo Starting November 1st

Menlo Park, CA — At a press conference this morning, Facebook rolled out their new monthly service plan. Beginning November 1st of this year, the social media giant will start charging members $2.99/mo to use services that users currently enjoy for free. “We thought long and hard about this decision, but at the end of the day, we had no choice but to add this monthly fee,” Facebook founder and […]

What is Ello? 'Anti-Facebook' takes stand on privacy, advertising

In a matter of days, the new social network Ello, described as the “anti-Facebook” for its stand on privacy and advertising, has become perhaps the hottest ticket on the Internet. Created last year as a “private” social network, Ello recently opened its doors on an invitation-only basis. Because of the limited supply and strong demand, the invitations have been selling on eBay at prices up to $500. Some reports said […]