Monthly archives: December 2014

2014 has truly been a year of breakthrough diplomacy: Sushma Swaraj

The government has placed special significance on India’s foreign policy and diplomatic outreach, making 2014 a year of “breakthrough diplomacy”. But 2015 promises to take foreign policy to a higher level with ‘diplomacy for development’ as the theme of India’s global engagements, according to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. In a signed introduction to the e-book titled “Breakthrough Diplomacy: New Vision, New Vigour” that was released on Wednesday, Sushma Swaraj […]

Canadian Immigrant proudly presents the 2014 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award winners

Here is One of our Indian Dr. Surinder Singh Khurana, an internationally trained dentist who established himself as a successful dentist in Canada after emigrating from India, today helps others following in his steps get through their licensing process. In addition to his own dentistry practice, he is the director and main instructor at Ontario Simulation Training Centre (OSTC) for Foreign-Trained Dentists. But his initial days in Canada were fraught […]

Why red meat causes cancer revealed

Washington: A new study has examined that Neu5Gc, a non-human sugar found in red meat, promotes inflammation and cancer progression in rodents. The study conducted at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine found that feeding Neu5Gc to mice engineered to be deficient in the sugar (like humans) significantly promoted spontaneous cancers. The study did not involve exposure to carcinogens or artificially inducing cancers, further implicating Neu5Gc as […]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni retires from Test match cricket

He is India’s most successful Test match captain but Mahendra Singh Dhoni has decided enough is enough. The 33-year-old has retired from Test match cricket, bringing down the curtain on an illustrious career in which he thrilled crowds across the world. Dhoni, who made his debut in 2005, captained India in 60 of his 90 Test matches but decided to quit on Tuesday following the draw with Australia in Melbourne […]

11 Ways to Sustain Energy All Day Long

1. All-Day Energy Do your batteries drain in the middle of the day? Welcome to the afternoon-slump club. While serving yourself a second (or third) cup of coffee may seem like the easiest solution, these strategies are proven to perk you up all day, every day. 2. Have breakfast… even if you don’t feel hungry You’ll be a lot perkier: Studies show that people who eat breakfast feel better both […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin 'not a genius, not so smart': Obama

Washington: Scoffing at Russia’s plummeting economy in the aftermath of a host of sanctions imposed on it, US President Barack Obama has suggested that what the Russian leader Vladimir Putin did (with Crimea) was a “strategic mistake”.   In a wide-ranging interview given to NPR News, shortly before the President was to leave for Hawaii for his annual vacation, Obama said that how Russia’s falling economy had disproved those (his […]

The Mystery Of God & The Brain

As science has steadily undermined the long-held beliefs of religion, almost all that remains for people of faith is to say that God is and will forever be a mystery. Insofar as Einstein was religious, he possessed a feeling of awe and wonder at the mystery of the universe. But science hasn’t stopped chipping away at mystery, promising to reduce spiritual experience to measurable brain activity. It’s doubtful that belief […]


6 Negative Thoughts That Will Shatter Your Dreams

The road to achieving our dreams can be scary. In fact, the fear in our minds can hold us back from so much that we don’t even take a step toward our dreams. It’s as if the more the dream matters to us, the less likely we are to even pursue the dream. The dream ends up being talked about and imagined, but never actively chased. For your dream to […]


Wolf of Wall Street 'is most pirated film of 2014'

The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s true-life tale of corrupt New York stockbrokers, was the most illegally downloaded movie of 2014. Disney cartoon Frozen was second on the list, said The Hollywood Reporter, quoting piracy-tracking firm Excipio. Both films were downloaded around 30 million times by torrent users between 1 January and 23 December 2014. The third most-pirated film was space thriller Gravity. It was just behind Frozen with […]