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10 Lessons From Mahatma Gandhi That Will Help You Lead A Happier Life

      You know his political philosophy of non violence and non co-operation changed the world in the last century. But even at a deeply personal level, Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and the way he lived can be a terrific guide for you to lead a happier, more productive life. Here’s how. 1. Don’t Chase Material Possession. When Gandhiji died, this was pretty much what he owned. In the pursuit […]

Osama bin Laden family-owned group to build Africa's highest tower

Rabat: A construction group owned by the family of Osama bin Laden is to build a 514-metre high tower in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco that will be the tallest on the African continent. The project by the Saudi Alturki Holding Group represents a total investment of $1.5 billion and will be sited in the downtown area of Anfa City. Executive director Osama el-Husseiny said the latest technologies would […]

Benefits Of Neem Water

We are quite aware of the fact that neem is associated with several benefits, especially those pertaining to beauty. We have all been taught, since childhood, about the qualities that make neem extremely beneficial to health.Neem has always been an age-old method to cure and treat various illnesses, especially illnesses that affect the skin.The neem tree is native to the South Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and […]

A Former Google Exec Wants to Try Some 'Crazy' Ideas to Combat Global Poverty

The State Department is bringing on a Silicon Valley veteran to change the way the United States helps people around the world. The U.S. Agency for International Development has named Ann Mei Chang, a former Google executive, to head the new U.S. Global Development Lab. The mission of the lab, which launched earlier this year, is to develop breakthrough ideas to combat hunger, disease, and poverty. The lab aims to […]

Next Year, You'll Have A Pill That'll Ensure You Can't Get a Girl Pregnant

For a guy, condoms aren’t as exciting as the ads make them seem and on a casual hookup, you aren’t sure if she’s taken birth control. This pill is literally ‘The Pill’ for men!FeminispireTake one with water, and you won’t be fertile for the next three days. Sounds great for a weekend getaway, and there are no known side-effects, so far!Indonesia has been working on this pill for about three […]

This 24-year-old high school dropout is tackling a problem every startup hates

Jessica Mah, the founder and CEO of Indinero, was only 11 years old when she started her first business. Having learned how to code in fifth grade, Mah built websites for people and got paid a few thousand dollars a month. Indinero CEO Jessica MahThat experience led her to do something more serious for her next business. She leased servers out of a few data centers and created a fully […]

How to spot toxic co-workers - and effectively steer clear of them

At work, everyone hopes to be part of a collaborative team where they can learn from one another and make an impact. Whether you’re just starting your career or have many years of experience, you’re going to come across people that will inspire you, challenge you, and empower you. But, unfortunately, you’ll also come across people that you want to keep at an arm’s length. Below are some tips on […]


How To Open Your Chakras Explained By A Child’s Cartoon

In a TV show called “Avatar: The Last Airbender” a character is trying to reach his spiritual potential, but can’t due to emotional and psychological blockages he has.  He is then guided through the emotions associated with the 7 energy centers of the body and is show how to open them up to achieve his highest state of being.  This is great not only for children, but for anyone of […]