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Watch: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor get `roasted`

New Delhi: The crowd loves them and simply cannot have enough of them on screen–Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, are certainly the most loved duo in B-Town. The two men are downright comical, humourous and can send you rolling down on the floor, with their witty one liners and comic acts. So, finally the video of the comic show by All India Bakchod (AIB, where insult is taken to a […]

Doctors have figured out yet another reason girls are getting their periods earlier

Girls who drink sugary soda more often are more likely to start their menstrual cycles at a younger age, according to a new study (pdf) out of Harvard Medical School. Researchers analyzed data from 5,583 girls in the Growing up Today Study (GUTS), surveying American children from 1996 to 2001, beginning when they were between the ages of 9 to 14. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, found […]

HOTEL 22: The Dark Side Of Silicon Valley

Jimmy hands $2 worth of dimes to the conductor and finds a seat at the back of the bus. He settles himself in for what is going to be a long night – taking off his scuffed leather shoes and resting his head against a window opaque with condensation. Jimmy, 47, has had the same routine for the last three years since losing his job as a chef at Microsoft. […]


5 New Solutions For Growing Healthy Produce Indoors

  An increasing number of people are moving into urban environments and away from traditional agriculture. As a consequence, those who have a mind for self-sufficiency can find themselves falling short. Storable foods are of course an important part of every emergency prepper’s pantry, but storable foods are not a sound long-term solution that contain optimal nutrition. Even produce from farmers markets and store-bought organic food will lose peak freshness […]


First trailer of Freida Pinto-starrer 'Desert Dancer' released

Los Angeles: Indian-origin Hollywood actress Freida Pinto-starrer ‘Desert Dancer’ has unveiled its first trailer. The trailer sees Pinto, 30, and her friends practicing choreographed dance moves in suppressed society and risking their lives, reported Ace Showbiz. The movie centers on a real-life dancer Afshin Ghaffarian (played by Reece Ritchie). The video first shows him as a kid who gets punished at school for dancing in class. Afshin’s passion, however, does […]

ISIS threatens to behead Obama, make America Muslim nation: Reports

Washington: In a grisly propaganda video, the Islamic State (ISIS) has threatened to behead US President Barack Obama in the White House while also saying that they will transform America into a Muslim country. “This is the fate of anyone who opposes Islam. Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America. Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House and transform America into a Muslim […]

6 Reasons Why Authenticity Is The Key To Success

What is your definition of success? No seriously, what is it? Is it money? A house? A car? A boat? Interestingly enough, monetary gains are hardly ever part of the definition of success for big league entrepreneurs. Their definitions all stem from more meaningful insights. Words like perseverance, active engagement and changing the world are continuously present. And just look at the entrepreneurs themselves: they all have 1 major thing […]

Oymyakon, Russia: the coldest place on Earth

Amos Chapple traveled to Oymyakon, Russia, whose average temperature in January is below -50 C Think you’ve had a tough winter so far? Don’t tell that to the people of Oymyakon, Russia — the coldest permanently inhabited settlement on Earth. Though it’s situated just one degree north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, average January temperatures in Oymyakon are nearly 20 degrees colder — below -50 degrees Celsius. It’s that extreme cold […]

Green Court Sends Notice to 8 Indian Cities for Rising Pollution

Air pollution has afflicted the nation for a long time now, and the government is taking appropriate measures in order to deal with the rising threat. The most recent step in this direction being the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) notice to New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Allahabad, Hyderabad, and Agra for the sudden increase in their respective air pollution levels, thanks to the growing number of private vehicles. This […]

The Best Ayurvedic Formulas for Your Health

Ayurveda is the ancient science of natural medicine with roots going to back Vedic India. The name is derived from Sanskrit, where ‘ayur’ means longevity or life and ‘veda’ means science. Ayurvedic practitioners believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, when supported with the right choices of food, herbs, a healthy and positive bent of mind and appropriate life style modifications. A lot of focus is placed on creating […]