Monthly archives: January 2015

Bamboo tower to harness drinking water from air

London: An Italian firm is developing an off-grid bamboo tower that could efficiently harness safe drinking water from thin air without the need of expensive infrastructure. The tower called ‘Warka Water’ could collect an annual average of up to 100 litres of water per day, the firm said. The tower, once completed, will rise to a height of 10 metres, weigh 60 kg and be secured to the ground with […]

Five Things Modi Did to Impress Obama

Only With Modi. In his toast during a state dinner on Sunday in New Delhi, President Barack Obama gave an insight into his visit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I have often said that my life story could only happen in America, but, of course, prime minister, your story could only happen in India,” Mr. Obama said. Here are some things we’d like to suggest could only happen during […]


Revolutionary Family Shows True Meaning of Self-Reliance

Think you can’t grow much food in an urban area? Think again. One family’s 4,000 square foot farm in Pasadena, California “not only feeds a family but revolutionizes the idea of what can be done in a very unlikely place—the middle of a city.” KCET reporter Val Zavala gives us a glimpse into the Dervaes family’s Path to Freedom Urban Homestead. “I brought the country to the city rather than […]


Floaters: So What Are Those Moving Amoeba Things In Your Eyes, Anyway?

We have all seen them, I know I myself have shrugged those pesky little light floaters down to dust. But, they are nothing that you would have ever thought of. They were more prevalent to me when I was a child; I was always outside looking up at the sky. I like most children tried to play with the amoeba-like floaters, move them around make them do what I wanted […]


Watch what you're eating - Junk food is real junk!

Yes that’s the need of the hour. Guys, listen to your gut and we mean literally! It’s really crazy but the truth is that that junk food which you might be about to eat is even worse than the junk in your dustbin. Don’t believe us? Watch the following videos, and suit yourself! Junk or processed food is not as safe as you think. We’d advise you to better seat […]

Obituary: RK Laxman immortalised passive, hapless common man

Capturing the entire gamut of idiosyncrasies of Indian politicians in an innocuous newspaper box with his cartoons, RK Laxman immortalised the passive, hapless common man with an uncanny perception and sarcasm in a daily commentary on his life that brought smiles to millions. Every morning for over five decades, his fans waited for the Common Man who, with his signature checked jacket, dhoti, Gandhi-glasses and twin tufts of gravity-defying hair, […]

Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha root is known as “Indian Ginseng”. In Ayurvedic medicine it is considered an adaptogen that facilitates learning and memory. In a 1993 clinical study in India, fifty people complaining of lethargy and fatigue for 2 to 6 months were given an adaptogenic tonic made up of eleven herbs, including 760 mg of ashwagandha, once a day. How it Helps? The populace had not responded to a vitamin and mineral […]

11 Facts About Republic Day That Every Indian Must Know

Every Indian heart fills with pride when we see the National Flag unfurling on Republic Day. 26th January brings out the patriot in us but not everybody knows how much significance the day holds for us. So, here are some facts about Republic Day that every Indian must be aware of: 1. January 26, 1930 was earlier celebrated as India’s Independence Day or Purna Swaraj Day. It’s the day India […]

Let's see the tortoise do this! Show-jumping bunnies that can leap as high as three feet take centre stage at Rabbit Grand National

Swedish jumping team appearing at Burgess Premier Small Animal Show  Champion show-jumpers have been specially bred for competition Trainer Tina Larsson said the rabbits are bred ‘like jumping horses’ These incredible bouncing bunnies are crushing all preconceived notions about domestic rabbits. The specially-bred, show-jumping bunnies are showing off their hopping skills at a Rabbit Grand National in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. They can leap as high as three feet over hurdles […]

Gunmen Kidnap Libya Deputy Foreign Minister

AL-BAIDA: Gunmen kidnapped a Libyan deputy foreign minister from his hotel room today in the eastern city of Al-Baida where the recognised government is based, a ministry official said. The kidnappers told staff they were members of the security forces when they entered the hotel before dawn, the official said, citing witnesses. No group immediately claimed his abduction but Libya has been rocked by a spate of kidnappings of both […]