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World failing in fight against antibiotic resistance: WHO

Geneva: The world is doing far too little to combat the misuse of antibiotics which is fuelling drug resistance and allowing long-treatable diseases to become killers, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In its first ever analysis of how countries are responding to the problem of antimicrobial resistance — when bugs become immune to existing drugs — the UN health agency revealed “major gaps” in all six regions of the […]

New research could transform different blood groups into one universal type

Toronto: Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have created an enzyme that could transform all donated blood into a universal type that can be given to any patient. Sometimes when a patient needs a blood transfusion their blood type is not in the blood bank. It is a problem that scientists have been trying to solve for years but have not been able to find an economic solution – until now. […]

53% packaged drinking water samples in Maharashtra fail FDA test

PUNE: Packaged drinking water may not always be your safest bet, going by a random survey conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA drew 95 water samples from packaged drinking water plants across the state from April 2014 to March 2015 and found 53% of them unsafe and substandard. In Pune region, 11 of the 31 samples were found unsafe. While criminal cases have been filed against […]

12 things you need to know about work-life balance

Virender Kapoor is the former director of Symbiosis Institute of Management and knows a thing or two about balancing your work and life. And he wants you to know too: 1. Don’t expect your employer to strike that balance Companies offer several freebies so their employees can perform better. They will have a gym, a food plaza and pick-up and drop facilities. Occasionally, they will also throw in a vacation […]

BAD money habits you must avoid

>Being careless with money is often associated with bad financial habits. If you are not aware of what these bad habits are, here is a list that could well serve as a caution. >Do you find that you are telling yourself to break out of a bad habit every once in a while? Those little quirks you develop sometimes that can become life crutches if you don’t quash them out […]

Clamorworld Exclusive -Nepal: Heritage Lost To Nature’s Forces

  Nepal: Heritage Lost To Nature’s Forces Nepal is still grappling to come to terms with Saturday’s devastating quake and the gruesome aftershocks that continued till Sunday. As the death toll continues to rise and grieving family members try to come to terms with this inexplicable loss, there is one loss which perhaps has no hope of resurrection or restoration. Yes I mean the architectural legacy of Nepal that succumbed […]


Meditation is simply the practice of neutrally attempting to focus your attention on one object (physical or mental) or on a verbal phrase (for example, “Peace”) for a period of time. There are many styles of meditation to choose from, we will discuss two basic ones that are easy to learn for beginners: 1. Grounding One basic component in learning meditation, that can be used alone or in addition to […]

10 Breathtaking Islands in Canada Which You Would Hate to Miss

Canada is a beautiful tourist attraction with a lot of attractive places to visit. Top on the list of tourist attractions for visitors in Canada are the beautiful Canadian islands where you can enjoy a lot of fun activities like sun bathing, waters ports boat riding and general beach life If this sounds like something you would love, then you would hate to miss these islands in Canada: Entry Island: […]

Forget leaked nude photos and take a look at ancient Indian erotica instead

From time to time, there will be moments that will make you wonder about the idea of “modernity”. Going through Dr Prakash Kothari’s Erotica: The Art of Loving in your work place may be one of them. Back in the 19th century, it seems the aristocrats of northern India were coolly playing board games using marble pawns that were carved to resemble pert-nippled breasts and glans. And here in the […]

New York state to dim lights to save migrating birds

The state of New York is to turn off non-essential lights in state-run buildings to help birds navigate their migratory routes in spring and autumn. Migrating birds are believed to use stars to navigate but they can be disorientated by electric lights, causing them to crash into buildings. The phenomenon, known as “fatal light attraction”, is estimated to kill up to one billion birds a year in the US. Millions […]