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7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Kurt Vonnegut

Writer Kurt Vonnegut was an American literary icon who was beloved as much for his attitudes about life as for his unique style of writing. Born in 1922, he was marked in his early life by his experiences in WWII and dedicated much of his career to exposing the tragedies of war, particularly in works like his masterpiece Slaughterhouse Five and his last book A Man Without a Country. Vonnegut’s […]

Why Parsis don't bury or burn their dead?

Usually, we know that when people die, they are either burned or buried according to various traditions and rituals. Unlike many religions and beliefs of the world, Parsi people don’t burn or bury their dead. They have a very discrete ceremony and process as the final rite for the dead person. They don’t burn or bury Usually, we know that when people die, they are either burned or buried according […]

At Least 516 Injured in Taiwan Water Park Fire

TAIPEI: The number of people injured in a fire at a Taiwan water amusement park rose to 516 today, government officials said, with more than 180 still in intensive care. Media reported four mainland Chinese and two foreigners were among those injured after Saturday’s fire, during a party where up to 1,000 revellers were sprayed with coloured powder as they danced to music, seeking to escape the summer heat. The […]


Security Footage Shows Suspected Suicide Bomber Entering Mosque in Kuwait

As thousands gathered in the streets of Kuwait City to mourn the 27 worshippers killed Friday during an attack carried out at one of the city’s oldest mosques, footage of the suicide bomber believed to be responsible for the deadly blast ricocheted around the city via the messaging service WhatsApp. The footage, which depicts a CCTV monitor replaying the contents of a security camera at Imam Sadiq mosque, bears the […]

Lessons From Warren Buffet’s Success Story

  Warren Buffett is still an inspiration for most people who harbour the hope to make it big in the financial market. Whether you are stock market investor or a forex market follower, it is hard not to be not inspired by the great investment guru’s words and fashion your trade in a way that he advises. The story of a 17-year old newspaper delivery boy who worked his way […]

Lioness strays into temple, attacks two,

A lioness, which strayed into a temple in rain-ravaged Amreli district and attacked two women devotees on Friday, was rescued and released into the jungle after a 15-hour-long operation by forest officials. The incident took place when the women reached the temple to offer prayers, M.R. Gurjar, Deputy Conservator of forest, Amreli division, said. As soon as the women entered the temple, the lioness attacked them, the official said. Mr. […]

French Anti-Uber Protest Turns To Guerrilla Warfare As Cabbies Burn Cars, Attack Uber Drivers

Today’s taxi driver protest is getting out of hand. According to the police, 2,800 taxi drivers are protesting today against UberPOP, the European equivalent of UberX (as UberX in France is Uber in the U.S.). With UberPOP, everybody can become an Uber driver — taxi drivers see the service as unfair competition as they have to get a special license. Yet, this doesn’t really explain why cabbies are now attacking […]

Top 20 Health Secrets of Black Pepper

Black Pepper or Kali Mirch is specified in Ayurveda terms as – Deepniye i.e. that which stimulates the gastric fire Krimighana i.e. that which acts as a wormicide (eradicates abdominal worms) Shool Prashmana i.e. Destroyer of pain. Most commonly, it is essential ingredient of an Indian kitchen and thus it is handy and useful in treating a number of common ailments. Black Pepper: Herb DescriptionThe herb of Black Pepper is […]

Lake Louise's Bear 72 missing, presumed dead

A well-known grizzly sow hasn’t shown up at her usual stomping grounds around Lake Louise this season and is presumed dead. Bear 72 has been missing all year and her radio collar has been stationary for months. The 22-year-old bear was the matriarch grizzly of the Lake Louise area. “I think she’s actually one of our greatest success stories,” said Brianna Burley, a human-wildlife conflict specialist with Parks Canada, “she […]


Watch: The terrific 'Masaan' trailer!

The Hindi film industry more often than not makes big-budget blockbuster movies, which stars the who’s who of the industry. But once in a while, there comes a film which doesn’t belong to the above mentioned bracket. Critically acclaimed ‘Masaan’ is one such film. ‘Masaan’ won huge appreciation at the 68h Cannes Film Festival this year, where the movie got a standing ovation from the viewers indicating that the audience […]