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Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan Hail Hoopster Satnam Singh After Historic Achievement

The sporting fraternity on Friday congratulated hoopster Satnam Singh Bhamara after he became the first Indian to be picked for an NBA (National Basketball Association) League team, hailing his historic achievement as an “inspiration” for the youth of the country. Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar led the former and current sportspersons in congratulating the 19-year-old Punjab lad Satnam for his achievement. (Satnam Hopes His NBA Entry Will Inspire Indian Youth) The […]

Who will be the next president? Google says it’s Hillary Clinton

We’ve seen oddly partisan answers on Google before (remember its answer to “What killed the dinosaurs?”), but this one will really rile up the Republicans. Ask Google “Who’ll be the next president?” and you’ll be given this reply: It’s not the result of dirty tricks by Hillary’s campaign, but due to Google offering up a card that draws on a paragraph from this Huffington Post article giving reasons why it […]



Be a Champion for Girls’ Education Will you help the Malala Fund empower adolescent girls through secondary education? Give now to support girls’ education projects in the most vulnerable communities around the world. Want to see the film with your classroom? Learn more about our free field trip program in select cities across the country. Click the Link: http://www.malala.org/   Please follow and like us:

Dirty rotten substances found in Dabur Real Juices frequently?

                   This is what I found when I saw black particles in the cup of juice I gave to my lil daughter… I cut opened the juice carton and to my horror found this…‪#‎daburIndia‬… I am trying to call the consumer care and Noone is taking the call there… ‪#‎daburreal‬… Please never give these carton juices to ur lil ones…I am scared […]


Watch: Scientists show you what happens when you put a Coke can into liquid nitrogen

In a video which made us believe that a typical ‘mad scientist’ does not just exist in movies, two scientists, as part of a series of ‘periodic videos’, decided to observe what would have if they put a Coca Cola can in liquid nitrogen. Although the video suggests that this experiment was done to show people the wonders of science, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone thought that this was […]

6 Things We Can Learn From Mark Cuban And Bill Gates

Bill Gates didn’t wake up with a career opportunity laying on the bed by his side, he worked hard to pursue a career that he was interested in. Same is the situation with every entrepreneur that has ever been in the news. Entrepreneurs are regular people. However, they do some things differently and posses a set of characteristics that make them successful. Not every entrepreneur had to drop out of […]

A step towards better health: Know your body type

Discovering your body type is the most important step towards achieving better health because your constitution tells you how nature intends you to eat and live. Also, knowing your body type makes you aware of the diseases you are prone to. Ayurveda has identified three body types or doshas, which we inherit and which govern our behavior pattern. 1) Vata: Vata types are usually thin-framed, but at times overweight. These […]

See the world's ugliest animal which could be coming to a restaurant near you

Meet the world’s ugliest animal – and he could soon be coming to a restaurant near you. With its giant drooping nose and pink slimy skin, the blobfish never has a smile on its face. But that could soon change as three of the Australian deep sea dwellers are supposedly being given a plush new home – in a trendy East London cafe. A specialist pressurised giant glass tank costing […]

One-take German thriller Victoria sweeps film awards

German heist film Victoria, shot in one single take in more than 20 locations in central Berlin, won top honours at the German Film Prize on Friday, taking best picture and five categories in one of the world’s most lucrative film awards. The movie tells the tragic story of Victoria — a talented, but jobless pianist from Spain stranded in Berlin — who as she leaves a nightclub gets acquainted […]

Misti was found in horrible state,needs 8000INR for skin treatment

Misti was found in horrible state…. she is suffering from severe skin infection and was not eating since several days ….. has innumerable ticks on her body and saddest part is she is anaemic ……. we have take Misti to pvt foster and take intense care of Misti This is not Misti’s age to suffer. Donate Rs.8000 for Misti’s health so that she can be healthy and be with mama […]