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10 People Who Became Wildly Successful After Facing Rejection

Sometimes, you jump out of the gate with a great idea that you can polish and run with. Everything’s going well — until you get hit with a failure. Failure punches you in the gut, leaving you with throbbing wounds and the inability to do anything but moan about what might have been. But take heart — failure isn’t the end, unless you let it be. Failure means you’re on […]


Watch: Taylor Swift, Scott Eastwood's raunchy chemistry in 'Wildest Dreams'

Washington. D.C.: Taylor Swift has excited her fans by showing raunchy chemistry with actor Scott Eastwood in her hot new single ‘Wildest Dreams’. In the steaming video, the 25-year-old singer and actor have shown sizzling chemistry as the pair are seen sharing several hot kisses, enjoying plane rides and frolicking with horses, E! Online reports. Interestingly, the video comes with a good cause as all the profits from it would […]


Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease caused by the dengue virus. It is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. A drop in platelet count is a characteristic symptom of dengue fever. It doesn’t from person to person. The most common symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains and skin rash. Sometimes, these symptoms may be confused with flu. The number of dengue […]

Malleshappa M Kalburgi, controversial writer and scholar shot dead

BENGALURU: Malleshappa M Kalburgi, a reputed scholar and academic who served as the Vice-Chancellor of Kannada University in Hampi was shot dead by unidentified men at Dharwad on Sunday morning, police said .  Three men who barged into his house shot him after an heated argument, police said.  While police strongly suspect that he might be the target of Hindu fundamentalist , they have also ruled out personal enemity over […]


Unbelievable story of India's first Mr Universe who is 103 years Old

Manohar Aich is a Legendary Indian Bodybuilder who is now 103 years old. He won the 1952 Mr. Universe – Group III championship and is also a three-time Asian Games gold medalist in body building. Manohar was interested in bodybuilding and fitness right from his early age. At that time,there were not gyms and weight equipment’s. Hence he used to do only body-weight exercises with more reps. His workout in […]

How a Bengaluru professor and his students got the UP government to save Premchand's house

Ten years ago, Vinay Kumar Yadav had no idea that a classroom discussion he had with his students could today be considered as a real example of how love for language and literature could transcend parochial boundaries to preserve for future readers, the house of Munshi Premchand. In 2004, Dr Vinay Kumar Yadav, now the head of the Hindi department at the Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, was comparing William […]

These two movies will change what you think of Steve Jobs

It has been almost four years since Steve Jobs uttered his final words as he looked at his family and whispered in hushed tones the words “Oh wow” thrice. Thousands would leave flowers and apples with a single bite taken out of them at the same stores they lined up outside waiting to get their hands on some of Jobs’ latest creations. Before this year ends, we will have two […]

Know these 8 ingredients for amazing sex

Forget Viagra, sex toys or master Kama Sutra-style sexual gymnastics, the key ingredients to a great sex are all in your mind, according to recent study. Contrary to the pop culture notion that hot looks and masterful technique are what that matter, a recent research in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality found that the real essentials are emotional connection between partners, communication and focus. The study, conducted on namely […]