Monthly archives: November 2015

Could downing of Russian jet over Turkey really lead to a wider war?

The dangerous skies over Syria have now earned their reputation. The Turkish foreign ministry has confirmed that its forces had shot down a fighter aircraft near the Turkish border with Syria. The Russian foreign ministry confirmed soon afterwards that it has lost an SU-24 over Syria. The situation remains tense: Two crew members were filmed ejecting from the stricken aircraft – early reports from Reuters said it had video of […]


Captain America: Civil War’s first trailer pits Avenger against Avenger

Captain America fans can take a deep breath. Now that the first trailer of Captain America: Civil War is here, we can tell you this is not yet another Avengers. Yes, it has Iron Man, yes it has Black Widow, yes it has Hawkeye, yes it has a host of other would-be superheroes but the film is all Cap. After the excellent Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2014, this was […]

This 103-Year-Old Woman Planted And Cared For 384 Trees, While Living In Abject Poverty Herself

Saalumarada Thimmakka lives in the Hulikal village of Karnataka. At 103, she still lives on to  tell the story of her life which was filled with hardship but bore fruit in a different kind of way.   a young girl, she was married off to a farmer who made a meagre income and was looked down upon by his fellow villagers for not fathering a child with his new wife. Instead […]

Stop stress: Here’s how to get that flawless skin

Psychological stress is associated with skin complaints such as itchy skin and flaky patches on the scalp among college students, warns a new study. The study aimed to assess the relationship between perceived psychological stress and the prevalence of various skin symptoms in a large sample of undergraduate students. “Previous studies have demonstrated an association between stress and skin symptoms, but those studies relied on small patient samples, or focused […]

Power plant: World's first electronic 'cyborg' rose is finally here!

Can you imagine living roses being turned into electronic circuits? A team of researchers at the Laboratory for Organic Electronics at Linköping University in Sweden has managed to accomplish just that. So yes, world’s first cyborg rose is finally here! The team, led by Professor Magnus Berggren, sees several possibilities in the project, including the surveillance and regulation of plant growth, and the potential to tap into photosynthesis as a […]

Dayakar wins in Warangal with a record margin of 4.6 lakh votes

Pasunoori Dayakar of ruling TRS, who won the Warangal Lok Sabha seat on Tuesday, created a record in Telangana by winning with a margin of nearly 4.6 lakh votes.   Earlier, state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao held the record having won by a margin of nearly four lakh votes (3,97,029) during the last year’s general election from Medak Lok Sabha constituency. He contested for both Parliament and Assembly constituencies […]

TamilNadu seeks Rs. 8,481-crore Central flood relief

After a speedy assessment of the damage in the State due to the unprecedented November rains, in which four lakh people have been displaced, the Tamil Nadu government on Monday has asked the Centre to sanction Rs. 8,481 crore for carrying out temporary as well as permanent restoration of infrastructure. In her letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, Ms. Jayalalithaa has asked the Centre to immediately sanction Rs. […]


You may not know this but every problem your body experiences translates in various skin alterations and the best way of noticing this is by inspecting your face. There is a Chinese old teaching that identifies every organ in your body with a correspondent area on your face, and every affection occurring in one of your organs will reflect onto your face under the form of pimples, various changes in […]

Intolerance issue: Aamir Khan says wife suggested moving out of India; terms Dadri lynching 'act of violence'

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan on Monday joined the chorus of intelligentsia against growing intolerance, saying he has been “alarmed” by a number of incidences and his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should probably leave the country. He also virtually supported those returning their awards, saying one of the ways for creative people to express their dissatisfaction or disappointment is to return their awards. “As an individual, as part […]


Stairway to musical heaven: Steps by the ocean-front in Croatia produce awesome melodies

  An architectural and engineering marvel, the “Sea Organ” along the coast of Zadar, Croatia, is simply breathtaking. The oceanic waves, by their natural movement, enter a cavity underneath the steps. Inside, there are numerous organ pipes, each of producing a harmony. The moment the waves make contact, these pipes begin emanating a random assortment of sounds that are released through vents along an upper step. The cherry on the […]