Monthly archives: December 2015

The best ways to gain good karma

What is Karma Before we learn how to gain good karma, let’s address the basic question – “What is Karma”? Karma can be seen as a law – a law that governs our thoughts, words and actions. Now, we can discover ten powerful ways to accumulate good Karma. Following these few important points will definitely enable us to attract good luck into our lives as well as bring in tremendous […]

Inculcate compassion, tolerance for harmony in society: President's message on New Year's eve

President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday asked people to make a fresh beginning in the New Year and inculcate compassion and tolerance for building a peaceful and harmonious society. On the eve of New Year, the President conveyed his greetings to the people and expressed hope that this would be an “occasion to make a fresh beginning and renew our resolve for individual as well as collective growth”. “Let us inculcate […]

Another Warning Letter For An Indian Pharma Company, What Could Be The Impact?

As we draw curtains on 2015, it is almost the dawn of worrying times for the Indian Pharmaceutical sector. It is raining warning letters for many India-based pharma companies. The latest to be hit is one of the most major pharma players in the country, Cadila Healthcare. The company saw a double digit slump in the stock market after the US Food and Drug Administration received warning letters for two […]

Why is Mark Zuckerberg angry at critics in India?

Mark Zuckerberg is feeling the force of critics who believe his effort to provide Indians with free access to a limited number of internet services hurts India’s democracy and violates net neutrality. In an unusually pugnacious appeal in the mass-circulation Times of India, the Facebook founder forcefully defended introducing his Free Basics service, “a set of basic internet services for education, healthcare, jobs and communication that people can use without […]

Unexpected 7 Spices That Keep You Warm In Winter

Cumin: Cumin is one of the most powerful spices which helps keep you warm in winter. This little seed when consumed will help generate less intense heat that will warm without drenching you in sweat. So, add this spice to your daily diet. Ginger :Ginger is said to have a rich amount of properties which will help induce heat in the body. Experts also state that the spice enhances thermogenesis […]


Tamil song Tea Podu creates turmoil over ‘tea’

Recently, the promotional song of Thangam Saravanan’s Anjala was released on a celebratory note. Called Tea Podu (Make Tea), the song with an extremely lively beat has now literally caused — to use a cliche — a storm in a teacup. Mami Boys, an independent music group, has alleged that the number has been “stolen” from its repertoire. Mami Boys released what they called Dum Tea at Chennai in 2013. […]

The best places to spend the New Year

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind. Yes, it’s that time of year again already—when people start asking you what you’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve with the expectation that you’ll be having the night of the year. These are some of the world’s biggest parties to give you an idea of what to do—or at least of what to say you’ll be doing. New York’s […]


Watch video - Rare glimpse of giant squid caught off Japanese harbour

Images of a squid about 12-feet-long were the ultimate prize for onlookers in Japan’s Toyama Bay on Christmas Eve. It is believed the giant squid can grow as long as 43 feet. As per CNN, Akinobu Kimura, owner of Diving Shop Kaiyu succeeded in taking the first photographs of the giant beast by diving quickly. Discovery Channel with the help of a team from Japan’s National Science Museum, released first […]

How scientists based in Canada are vital cog in success of Paytm

The headquarters of Paytm, India’s largest mobile payment and commerce platform, is located in Noida, but the lifeblood of the company is far, far away. No, it’s not in China where internet giant Alibaba, Paytm’s single largest investor, is based. Alibaba has no doubt been the springboard to Paytm’s rapid growth — the number of users of its app has risen 5 times to 125 million in just 12 months […]