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Karnataka tourism video highlights spectacular architectural geniuses, nature’s blessings

Karnataka – best known for its sandalwood is a beautiful state located in the southern part of peninsula India. The state is home to a number of spectacular architectural geniuses, monuments and heritage sites that leave an inedible impact on the minds of those who love history. Abundantly blessed by nature, Karnataka is a perfect travel destination for people who want to get away from maddening urban setup. Here’s a […]

Bangladesh's 'Tree Man' May Need Dozen More Operations

A Bangladeshi father dubbed “Tree Man” for massive bark-like warts on his hands and feet may need a dozen more operations to remove the growths, a hospital director said today. A team of doctors operated on Saturday on Abul Bajandar’s right hand to remove some of the smaller growths, his second such operation, said Dhaka Medical College Hospital facility director Samanta Lal Sen. The 26-year-old was admitted to hospital last […]

What are adaptogens? Can they be the secret to good health?

Home remedies have been an integral part of Indian culture for a long time. However, these days, herbalists and naturopaths from around the world are streamlining a specific category of herbs that are often used for home remedies. These herbs, called adaptogens, “have multiple properties, and can heal various ailments,” says Kanchan Patwardhan, a city-based nutritionist. She adds, “Adaptogens can relieve you not only of stress and anxiety, but also […]


Planning a vacation to Maldives? Here’s your travel guide

The Republic of Maldives is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and lies south-west of India. Maldives is best for tourism and has beautiful beaches to offer to its visitors. A number of people from across the world visit this island country to explore the beauty of coral reefs. Maldives is a honeymooners’ paradise! And if you are planning to get married, then do visit the Maldives to make your […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Budget 2016, The Fine Print

I liked how someone on Twitter described Mr Arun Jaitley’s budget speech. It said that for the first one hour he was the socialist politician and the next 40 minutes he was the lawyer accountant. Well it pretty much describes what the budget was all about as well. Decidedly this Budget had predominantly populist elements but also is replete with innumerable details that aim to strengthen the overall fiscal and […]