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Australia Becomes The First Country To Generate Zero-Emission Electricity From Ocean Waves

Alternative energy that is both sustainable, and reliable, is the need of the hour, and Australia is leading the way in that department with a plan to generate zero-emission electricity from under the ocean. A whole new concept altogether. The makers say that the movement of the ocean is constantly creating renewable and sustainable energy that can even be used to treat the saline water of the ocean to make […]

600-mile long coral reef discovered at the Amazon!

At the time when the whole world is facing the third coral bleaching event, the discovery of the new coral belt in the muddy waters off the mouth of Amazon came as a silver lining. A team of international scientists from Brazil and United States announced that the mouth of Amazon river is a home of massive coral reefs that stretches for some 600 miles. Covering an area of about […]


Watch how you can support farmers in this video!

We all have read how drought is creating headlines in the country, leading to farmer suicides. Do you know that every year thousands of farmers commit suicide due to unavailability of water and if statistics are to be believed then last year approximately 16000 farmers practised self-immolation? Sad isn’t it… probably that’s what we utter after learning about the sorrowful state. So, here’s a video which can tell you in […]

How 2 Friends from Village has built their startup from Zero to million dollar without Any Investor

A Story of How Two Childhood Friends from Village has built their startup from Zero to million dollar without any investors. We ( George and Suresh ) founders of MacAppStudio, BlueInnovations are two childhood friends from Trichy, a small town in India after working in MNC’s we started creating apps together and got to win many app developer challenges. We went on to get the most prestigious award called Intel […]

High-Fructose Diet Can Damage Brain Genes: Study

Fructose, a sugar common in the western diet, can damage hundreds of brain genes in a way that could lead to a range of diseases — from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer’s to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — warns a new study. However, the researchers discovered good news as well: An omega-3 fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) seems to reverse the harmful changes produced by fructose. […]

Kanhaiya Kumar wrongly labelled anti-national, BJP might lose youth support: Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday said it was wrong on the government’s part to label JNU students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar as “anti-national”. “Who gave birth to Kanhaiya Kumar in the first place? The government should think over this. He has been wrongly labelled anti-national,” Thackeray said at a meeting of party office-bearers in Nashik. If youth are branded “anti-national” in this manner, they will not be able […]

Poor Nazia's fight, with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer

                                               It was the first week of October when I(Gaurav Malhotra) met Nazia in Delhi metro when she was going to another govt hospital for the Cancer treatment. Nazia’s father was carrying her in his arms and trying to relax her in crowded metro. When I saw her […]

Find your niche: Offbeat places to visit this summer

In recent times, multiple reports have stated that Indians are giving the obvious holiday destinations a miss, and opting for lesser-explored places instead. With holiday season upon us, experts list spots across the country that you could vacation at, this summer. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh Popular among music aficionados for its outdoor festival by the same name, the UNESCO world heritage site, Ziro, is a low-profile destination. “We are witnessing an […]

Monal of Sushness : Day 2,Short Stories by Sushmita Gupta

 (Artwork by Ashwin Pandya) Monal at age four had a few engagements in her mind. One was a radio. The radio felt perched high up beyond reach but belted out songs in Hindi and Bangla. “Bindiya chamkegi, chudi khankegi” would be one she would remember later too to have heard there. Also this was a song that Vibha her classmate could sing. Though Monal was the best in numbers and alphabets […]

5 Simple Ways To Skyrocket Your Concentration For Success At Work

Before you go on to read this, I want to ask you one thing. Are you giving me your full attention? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. In fact, studies at the University of California suggest that our ability to focus has dropped dramatically over the last decade, particularly at work. And it looks like technology is the main culprit. But do we really need studies to tell us that […]