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Virat Kohli vs David Warner: IPL final a clash of in-form skippers

Virat Kohli and David Warner have been ruthless with bat this IPL — occupying the top two slots on the run-getters’ list — and have also led their sides from the front, clobbering the opposition into submission. But, in the dying hours of Sunday, only one man will be left standing, holding aloft the biggest prize in slam-bang league cricket as Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore host Warner’s Sunrisers Hyderabad at […]

Check out: 6 beauteous beaches in Odisha you didn't know much about!

Beaches are exotic. But did you know that there are more beaches in India, or any Indian city that you could actually be aware of? One of such states is Odisha. Popular for its coastline, Odisha has a rich 485 km-long coastline along the Bay of Bengal. Although many people know about the Puri beach, located in the holy city of Lord Jagannath – many are not even aware that […]


If the Olympics were to be held in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak would WHO act in the same way?'

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set aside calls from 150 leading scientists and public health officials to postpone or move the Rio Olympics because of the ongoing Zika virus.  In an open letter to the WHO and the International Olympic Committee – both organisation based in Switzerland – the experts are asking for the Games to be held in another location. Professor Amir Attaran, one of the co-authors of […]

US Presidential election: Battle between America’s most unwanted

Indians are accustomed to a political landscape dotted with parties that flourish in the fertile soil of fissures – be those of the regional, religious, caste or class variety. For those following the results from the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections last week, for instance, each alliance appeared to consist of more acronymed parties than there are parts of the alphabet soup of the US security establishment.   Most Western democracies […]

Lesser-known health benefits of pomegranate!

Pomegranate is a fruit which is loved by all for its unique taste. The fruit is not only delicious but it is also good for health as it contains rich amount of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Thats why pomegranate is considered as store house of health blessings. Here are some health benefits of the fruit: Good for skin Pomegranate is good for skin as it helps to keep skin youthful, healthy […]

Stay away from artificial sweeteners, it may harm your health

Are you turning to artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes to lose weight? Although these sweeteners may help obese individuals reduce and cut calories, they may also have negative health effects, a study warns. Artificial sweeteners are not digested by the body. However, the recent study suggests that bacteria in the gut may be able to break down artificial sweeteners, resulting in negative health effects. Currently, there are many new […]


This Harvard Graduate's Speech is Going Viral. 10 Best Lines

Donovan Livingston, we presume? That’s a name “we will hear again and again. He is a game changer,” says Michelle Flowers, one among the thousands commenting on the Harvard graduate’s speech that is currently going viral. Every student, teacher and parent – heck, pretty much everyone in the world – needs to hear his uplifting and inspiring words. For his commencement speech at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education on May […]


Madam, the benevolent people of Tamil Nadu have bestowed upon you an opportunity that none has received in the past three decades and may be none will ever receive in future. You have a unique opportunity to etch your name in the Golden History by ensuring you do very simple things that will have groundbreaking results: 1. To begin with, pls. put an immediate end to the bowing, prostrating, worshipping […]


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Shared This Inspiring Video Showing #TransformingIndia

The Narendra Modi-led NDA government has completed its two years in power and have come up with initiatives like Make In India, Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India, Skill India etc.To mark the occasion, the Prime Minister released this video. Watch it and decide whether ‘Achche Din’ finally have come or not! Please follow and like us:

Two years of Modi govt: Why the PM's critics are his best friends

Now that Narendra Modi has completed two years in office, there are two ways of judging the performance of his government. One is to analyse his government’s claims. The other way is to examine the failures his opponents and critics point out. Ideally, of course, there should be a convergence of these two approaches, and that too on the fronts of ‘development’ and ‘governance’, the two issues that Modi had […]