Monthly archives: July 2016

ClamorWorld Exclusive: Constables like Sanjay Kamble restore our faith in the police-public relationship.

Constable Sanjay Nana Kamble was on duty at the Seawoods signal on Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai, on June 6, 2016, when he did something which redeems the image of a traffic cop. Teenager Prateek Sarin, who lives at Seawoods Estate, was crossing Palm Beach road around noon that day. He had his earphones on and he was looking straight at his friend across the road, oblivious of the biker […]


Goa Government Objects To 'Missing On A Weekend' Film For Portraying The State As A Drug Haven

The recent thriller film, Missing On A Weekend, seems to have not gone down too well with the Goa government. The film is based in Goa, and the government there claims that the film portrays the state in a negative light and as a drug haven. The BJP-led Goa government has objected to it, claiming that the film projects the state as a haven for drugs and sex trade. “We […]

How Canada's Prime Minister Became A Super-Hero

A forthcoming issue of Marvel’s “Civil War II: Choosing Sides” series features on its cover a smiling, well-toned Justin Trudeau sitting at the corner of a boxing ring. Even in comic book form, his eyes are a glistening green, his teeth perfectly straight and white. Surrounded by members of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, Trudeau wears a red-and-white maple leaf tank that accentuates his chiseled body. By now, we’re […]

Low on motivation? Tell yourself you can do better and you will

When you need inspiration in life but can’t find any, just say ‘I can do better’ to yourself and you would, claim researchers. According to a new study, people using self-talk, like telling oneself ‘I can do better next time’ — performed better than the control group in every portion of the task. The greatest improvements were seen in self-talk-outcome (telling yourself, ‘I can beat my best score’), self-talk-process (telling […]

Have always stood against IS, we need to crush its ideology: AIMIM chief Owaisi

Days after a group of men were arrested for planning terror strikes in Hyderabad, MP Asaduddin Owaisi reiterated his anti-Islamic State (IS) stance on Friday. The chief of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) and Lok Sabha member from Hyderabad, Owaisi said he plans to invite prominent Syrian scholar, Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi, known for his strident opposition to the IS, to his constituency. On June 29, six men were […]