Monthly archives: September 2016

Should India Abrogate Indus Water Treaty, PM To Review!

In the aftermath of the Uri attacks a lot of column space has been devoted on whether India should abrogate the 56-year old Indus Water Treaty. Some have even raised concerns about the potential fallout from China if indeed India annuls the treaty, the possible impact on India’s revenue and the like. So as the Prime Minister gets set to review the treaty, it’s often being seen as Modi’s vehicle […]

Stephen Hawking warns against seeking out aliens

British physicist Stephen Hawking has warned against announcing our presence to any alien civilisations, especially to those more technologically advanced than humans. Our first contact from an advanced civilisation could be equivalent to when Native Americans first encountered Christopher Columbus and things “didn’t turn out so well”, Hawking said in a new online film. The film, “Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places”, takes viewers to five significant locations across the cosmos, on […]

One sparrow makes a spring

Two years ago, entrepreneur Ravindra Pal Sood, a resident of Jawahar Nagar in Jaipur, noticed that the incessant chirping of sparrows in his neighbourhood had lessened considerably. He realised that something was amiss, and soon found that the tiny, round, brown bird, once ubiquitous, was fast disappearing. House sparrows, taxonomically classified as Passer domesticus, are intimately associated with human habitation. They nest in man-made structures such as eaves or walls […]

Meet India’s ‘water doctor’, who has turned 84 acres of barren land into a water bowl

Ayyappa Masagi has a simple message: “You want water? Call me!” Thousands have. And his phone rings dozens of times a day. There appears to be an endless supply of patients for the man nicknamed India’s “Water Doctor”. “I faced a lot of water problems in my childhood,” he said. “I used to go at 3am to fetch water from the stream. So I made an oath that when I […]

Five ayurvedic superfruits you must try this fall!

Autumn is a beautiful time to begin a new self-care routine that will keep you on tracks during cold and dark winter days. Fall is a transitional season, and in this season we all need a diet that strengthens our immune system and prepares our body for the harsh winter. We all know that ayurvedic or ancient healing fruits posses immune-boosting properties. Ideally, these fruits should be eaten throughout the […]

Jordanian writer on trial for ‘anti-Islam’ cartoon shot dead outside court

A gunman on Sunday killed prominent Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar outside a court where he was facing charges for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, state news agency Petra reported. Hattar was struck by three bullets before the assailant was arrested, said Petra. Witnesses told AFP that a man had opened fire in front of the court in Amman’s Abdali district. The 56-year-old Christian was arrested on August 13 […]

Why did Facebook gift this student Rs 21 lakh?

Engineering student Arun Suresh Kumar reported two significant security-related bugs to Facebook. Arun Suresh Kumar’s first tryst with computers was a Pentium 3 processor with 128 MB RAM. “I used to play games on it,” says the lad who has participated in and won bounties for his skills in cracking and fixing security bugs — Bitcasa Bug Bounty; AT&T Bug Bounty being some popular ones. Arun was in Class 12 […]

5 Strategies For Improving How You Hustle

As the story goes, after Neil Patel got offstage from speaking to 2500 marketers at a large business conference, he was approached by a woman who essentially accused him of lying about his hustle. “C’mon Neil. You know the best way to be successful is to be born to rich parents. Look at Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Chelsea Clinton. If you didn’t go to Harvard or Stanford, you’re locked out […]


On International Day of Peace, leave it to Megadeth to sum it all up for you

The 21st day of September has been marked since 1981 by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace. Before you groan, bear in mind that there’s all sorts of ‘International Days of…’, so why not one for peace? As the UN puts it, “The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.” The […]

Cat Runs Store For 9 Years Without Taking A Day Off

A hardworking ginger cat has been working in a store in New York for the last nine years without ever taking a day off. The 9-year-old Bobo was brought into the store in Chinatown, New York, as a kitten by an employee as he had nowhere to live. He was well looked after by his new friends at the store and a lawyer, who visited the store and had four […]