Monthly archives: October 2016

Diwali special: Keep your kids safe on festival of lights

Although Diwali is a festival of beaming lights, mouth-watering sweets, lots of fun activities, and firecrackers, it is also a time when a little negligence on your part can cause mishappening. Fire injuries, burns, eye infections, skin allergies and breathing problems are certain issue that comes as a package with the celebrations. Amongst the festivities, it is really difficult to keep an eye on your kids all the time, hence, […]

4 Major Challenges All Businesses Face

It’s one thing to start a business. It’s quite another to make it successful. Success is a rough road, full of many twists and bends and no small number of obstacles along the way. There are a number of obstacles that all businesses face, regardless of their size or past success record. Knowing what they are and being prepared for them will make you and your business less prone to […]

Failed by the idea of Telangana: Life of the Dalit artist who died a violent Maoist

Prabhakar was among the 28 alleged Maoists who were killed in the recent ‘encounter’ at Andhra-Odisha border. There is a lull in Kinda Basti at the Yarpal suburb in Hyderabad, the sort that comes after a storm. Walking through a maze of ever-shrinking lanes, it isn’t easy to find the house. Locals point to one where a few elders are sitting outside, chopping vegetables and preparing lunch. This is the […]

7 warning signs of cancer you shouldn't ignore

Two years ago, I’d participated in a meeting of Cancer NGOs ‘Can India Conclave’. There was a panel discussion conducted by Sanjay Pugalia of IBN 7. I was asked to make the final comments on how to tackle the oncoming ‘Cancer Tsunami’ . First of all, let me assure you that cancer is not a tsunami, a national disaster of high magnitude. The increase in cancer incidence is the price […]

This little bird can ceaselessly fly for ten months

Scientists from Sweden have found a bird that can fly in the air for almost a year and that too without landing. Known as the common swift, it is a small, dark-feathered bird which can fly for the said time without landing, the longest time spent aloft by any known bird. The findings in the US journal Current Biology confirmed a 46-year-old hypothesis, first offered by British researcher Ron Lockley, […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Delhi, Mumbai on High Alert Ahead Of Diwali

Even as Diwali preparations get underway, Mumbai and Delhi are under high alert and security has been beefed up in the country’s commercial capital. This is after a twitter handle warned of possible attacks in Delhi and Mumbai during Diwali. The ANI chief has forwarded the tweet to Home Ministry’s official twitter handle. Though at the moment this Twitter threat remain largely unidentified and the credibility of the tweet is […]


An Engineer Has a Unique Solution for Farmer Suicides. And It Involves Cows.

Cowism is a startup founded by computer engineer Chetan Raut, who believes the integration of indigenous cows in agriculture is the only solution to stopping farmer suicides. Farmer suicides were at their peak when Chetan Raut was pursuing his engineering course in YCCE, Nagpur. Chetan’s father, Arun Raut, was once a farmer too. He actively participated in the farming revolution by Sharat Joshi when he was a student himself. But, […]

China Warns Boycott Of Its Goods Will Impact India Ties, Investments

Amid calls from some quarters for boycott of Chinese goods in ongoing Diwali season, China today said any such move will negatively impact the India-bound investments from its enterprises and also the bilateral cooperation between the two countries. China also asserted that any such boycott would not have much impact on its exports, but “without proper substitutes, the biggest losers of the boycott of Chinese goods will be Indian traders […]

Jesus Christ's burial shelf in Jerusalem uncovered for the first time in centuries

The tomb, where Jesus is believed to have been buried and resurrected, is situated in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem. For the first time in centuries, the surface of Jesus Christ’s traditionally considered tomb in Israel has been uncovered by scientists for restoration purposes, National Geographic revealed in an exclusive report. The tomb, where Jesus is believed to have been buried and resurrected, […]