Monthly archives: November 2016

World AIDS Day: Here's how to prevent HIV infection!

Since 1988, December 1 is observed as Wold AIDS Day in order to create awareness about the deadly disease caused by the spread of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection. On this day, many people across the globe besides government and non-government organisations educate the uninitiated/humanity at large about the prevention and control of the disease that destroys the immune system of the body and makes in unfit to fight illnesses. […]

On Notes Ban, Firm Warning From West Bengal To Centre: GST Now At Risk

The biggest tax reform in decades – the national Goods and Services Tax or GST – has been thoroughly jeopardized by the centre’s abrupt demonetization drive, said Amit Mitra today. As the Finance Minister of West Bengal, Mr Mitra is on the GST Council, which is drafting the rate and scope of the tax. He told NDTV that the April rollout of the tax seems unfeasible now and he will […]

Everything You Need To Know About Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose - The Forgotten Father Of Modern Wi-Fi

This digital world we exist in wouldn’t have been without the contributions of master inventors. One of whom is Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, and it’s his 158th birthday today. He’s a forgotten genius from the turn of the 20th century – someone who’s efforts and contribution to science should never be forgotten. Master of Radio Communications At first the subject of some dispute but it’s now a fairly common scientific […]

Meet Sravish Sridhar, the Boston-based Indian whose company makes thousands of mobile apps possible

One of the pioneers in the space of backend-as-a-service, Kinvey has faced stiff competition from larger enterprise rivals like Amazon, IBM, Red Hat and SAP. In our smartphone-saturated world, everyone dreams of being an app developer. But somebody’s got to build the platform that lets you turn your next big idea into a practical mobile solution. Enter Sravish Sridhar, founder of the mobile developer platform Kinvey, which was ranked as […]

Clamorworld On Demonetisation: UPI Push To Cashless Transaction

As Clamorworld keeps prodding on the various cashless transaction modules available for the average person, it is difficult to not mention about UPI or United Payments Interface. This in simple terms mean a system in the financial world that allows you to transfer money between two parties. A well recognised and standard banking operation it enables users to conduct bank transactions from anywhere in matter of clicks. One major difference […]

National Anthem be played in all cinema halls, all must rise and pay respect: SC

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered that National Anthems must be played in all the cinema halls across the country. ANI reported that SC ordered for playing of National Anthem before the film starts accompanied by the showing of National Flag on screen. SC also stated that everyone present in the cinema halls must rise at the time of National Anthem playing and show respect towards it. The full version […]


Tisca Chopra's short film Chutney is understated and creepy: Watch it here

Ever since Tisca Chopra announced that she would be producing a short film called Chutney, there’s been a fair amount of interest in how the project would turn out. The little-over-16-minutes short was released on YouTube on Tuesday, 29 November, and let’s just say it makes for a very compelling watch. A short observation on short films: As well-established actors and filmmakers have started to associate themselves with the genre, […]

117-year-old Emma Morano is the last person alive born in 1800s

Born November 29, 1899, she is the world’s oldest living person and the secret to her age appears to lie in eschewing usual medical wisdom. An alert and chatty Italian woman, Emma Morano, on Tuesday celebrates her 117th birthday as the last known person alive who was born in the 19th century. Born November 29, 1899, she is the world’s oldest living person and the secret to her longevity appears […]

How Bangalore Became A City Of Nightmarish Traffic And Civic Disasters

“A city is a living, throbbing organism with a soul of its own and, it would often seem, a thinking mind,” TJS George writes in Askew, a delightful “short biography of Bangalore”, published by Aleph Book Company this month as part of its series of monographs on Indian cities. Like all the volumes so far — on Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and Patna respectively — this book is a combination […]

If you have a Shivlinga at home, never do these things!

The power of a shivling at home If you have taken the effort to establish a shivling at home, then care must be taken to not offer some things to the Shivling — as we all know, inviting the wrath of Lord Shiva can land all of us in trouble! Here are the things you should not do if you have a Shivling at home. Secluded corner Don’t establish the […]