Monthly archives: November 2016

Meet 19-Year-Old Halima Aden - The Only Woman To Compete In Miss Minnesota USA Wearing A Hijab

Meet Halima Aden. She is breaking stereotypes in unthinkable ways and is winning praises all over. In no way is Halima an ordinary teenager. The Somali-American teen is the first woman to participate in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant with a hijab. Representing the state of Minnesota, Halima Aden is a 19-year-old St Cloud college student who has big dreams of competing at the 2017 Miss USA pageant. On Saturday […]

Kerala man shaves off half of his hair, will grow it back when Modi is voted out of power

Yahiya had to wait in vain outside a bank for two days together to get Rs 23,000 exchanged, all of which were in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes In the Mahabharata, Draupadi refused to tie her hair until she took revenge on the Kauravas. A 70-year-old man in Kerala, hit hard by demonetisation, shaved off half the hair on his head and has taken a pledge to grow it […]

Clamorworld On Demonetisation: Digital Transaction Without Internet

Over the past two weeks or so through the course of repeated dialogues and debates on the merits and demerits of demonetisation, one aspect has always taken the centre stage. The internet penetration of our country is far lower than anticipated and the access to smart phone is still more of an urbane phenomenon? Needless to mention even I was probing this issue and was exploring the various alternatives available […]

The World’s Only Sanskrit Weekly Has Been Publishing for 65 Years – without a Single Break!

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world, and is often considered to be one of the most refined. A Nagpur-based Sanskrit weekly has been keeping the language and its significance alive for over 65 years. Sanskrit-Bhavitavyam was started in 1951 by Pradnyabharati Dr. Shridhar Bhaskar Warnekar, an erudite scholar, a musician par excellence, and an expert in the field of Yoga. It happens to be the only […]

Mystic Mantra: Generate your own energy

Osho has suggested some meditation techniques for using our senses without losing energy. How do you wake up in the morning? Maybe you have never thought about it. If you want to know, try this: in the morning, while bidding goodbye to sleep, don’t open your eyes, just register all the sounds you hear around you. The first buzz will likely be of a message from your mobile. Then ever-increasing […]

Fearing Tighter US Visa Regime, Indian IT Firms Rush To Hire, Acquire

Anticipating a more protectionist US technology visa programme under a Donald Trump administration, India’s $150 billion IT services sector will speed up acquisitions in the United States and recruit more heavily from college campuses there. Companies including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Wipro have long used H1-B skilled worker visas to fly computer engineers to the US, their largest overseas market, temporarily to service clients. Staff from those three […]

Don’t harm innocents in name of radicalisation, Rajnath Singh tells top Police officials

Home Minister Rajnath Singh today assured innocents of no harassment as he told country’s top Police officers not to arrest anyone on basis of allegation of radicalisation unless solid proof is available. Singh also said that genuine NGOs are free to carry out development works but warned that those organisations which allegedly indulge in anti-national activities will not be spared. This was conveyed by Singh at the concluding day of […]


Director SS Rajamouli lauds Ram Charan's Dhruva trailer

The theatrical trailer of Ram Charan-starrer Dhruva has clocked over a million views, reportedly making it the fastest trailer to get one million views in such a short span of time. The trailer has got 1.8 million online views in just 21 hours. The makers claim that it’s a new industry record and jubilant fans have been trending the hashtag, ‘Dhruva Trailer Storm’ since Friday night. Meanwhile, director SS Rajamouli […]

Depression May Affect Stomach, And Anxiety The Skin

Researchers have found that depression in young people is often followed by arthritis and diseases of the digestive system, while skin diseases are common after anxiety disorders. The findings suggest that mental disorders are antecedent risk factors of certain physical diseases in early life, but also vice versa, according to the researchers. “Our results expand the relevance of mental disorders beyond mental to physical health care, and vice versa, supporting […]

The war on black money is missing its targets by miles

In his celebrated treatise, the Kautilya Arthashastra, Chanakya has delved at length on why and how a conqueror should go to war. “To neutralise the enemy-in-the-rear, to help an ally or to subdue a small state, and the ultimate objective is to destroy the natural enemy who is an obstacle to the conqueror’s ambition,” he says. Cut to the present, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the conqueror with an […]