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5 Sure-Shot Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

A goal is one of the most powerful driving forces in life. Goals drive us to move ahead. They make us feel purposeful, happier and healthier. Without clear, written goals about what we want to do in life, we would be lost. Here are a few powerful strategies you can use to achieve your goals once you have clearly identified them and written them down: 1. Write Down Your Goals […]

8 golden rules for safe digital transactions

Since payment alternatives such as UPI, e-wallets and USSD – based mobile banking through different platforms are directly or indirectly linked to the user’s bank account one needs to be extra careful to keep hackers at bay, explains Adhil Shetty, CEO, BankBazaar. Just a few days before the Indian government initiated the demonetisation drive, pushing people to carry out banking transactions through Internet or plastic cards, the country had seen […]

There’s more to Vajpayee’s political career than just victory and defeat

December 25, marked 92 years of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s momentous life journey. His story is the life history of a personality who has lived Indian civilisation, culture and politics in every breath that he has taken. I’d like to begin with a personal experience. Many residents of Jammu appeared perplexed on the afternoon of January 25, 1992. A large number of outsiders had begun to converge on the city for […]


10 Ayurvedic Tips To Avoid Sickness

The word Ayurveda can be very intimidating for the first time. But the truth is that Ayurvedic wisdom can be understood, embraced, and enjoyed by everyone. Just by adding a few daily rituals into your routine, you can start preventing multiple diseases right now and stay healthy. Here’s are 10 simple Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy lifelong! Watch Video: Please follow and like us:

Strong law against 'benami' properties to be operationalised soon, says PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi has vowed to carry forward the war against corruption and black money post-demonetisation. In a big statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the government will soon operationalise a strong law to effectively deal with ‘benami’ properties and this was just the beginning. He made this statement in his last monthly address this year in his “Mann ki Baat” programme. The PM defended the frequent changes […]


Watch: 'Alien: Covenant' trailer is your Christmas gift from Ridley Scott!

Ridley Scott has brought to you the first trailer for Alien: Covenant as a Christmas gift. There are aliens, there are explorers, and a lot of screaming! Sequel to the Alien series, the trailer follows the chronicles of a group of ‘space-colonists.’ Katherine Waterston’s character sounds the warning, “We don’t know what the f*** is out there!” in the trailer. Soon they find out that there are worse things out […]


Top 10 Most Breathtaking Places On This Planet That You Need To Visit

Whether you expect to stand in awe, or see God for the first time, one can anticipate that witnessing a beautiful and famous place in person is enough of an experience to change one’s life. The sad part is that not everyone will have the lifetime or the budget to travel the world to see these places, but thanks to media and photography, one can admire and appreciate a location’s […]

China’s Smog Sucking Tower is Actually Cleaning the Air

Sitting in Beijing, China’s capitol, and arguably one of the most polluted cities in the world, is an artfully constructed tower that was made to address the city’s legendary smog problem. The city recently had to issue its first red alert for the quality of its air, but it turns out the odd tower might actually be working. Though some claimed that the pagoda-like tower was simply no match for […]

The man behind India's '$74m wedding'

In November, as millions of Indians were grappling with a cashflow crisis, a lavish wedding in the southern city of Bangalore sparked outrage. The BBC’s Geeta Pandey profiles the man a behind the wedding, the father of the bride, businessman and ex-state minister Gali Janardhana Reddy. Five days after the government scrapped 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in a crackdown on illegal money, Rumah Rasaque spent most of her Sunday […]