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20 Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide You Didn’t Know About

Everyone should have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at home simply for the plethora of uses it offers. An antibacterial, antiviral and an anti-acne agent, hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced in the body by the white blood cells to enhance your immunity. It can be used to freshen your vegetables and clean your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. It can also be used as an oral cleanser as well as to […]

World rushing towards 'Doomsday' because of Donald Trump, warn scientists

Scientists behind the Doomsday clock have warned that humanity is in its greatest peril in more than 50 years, partly because of the “words and actions” of US President Donald Trump. On Thursday, the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock, which indicates how close the world’s leading scientists think we are from destroying the planet, was moved forward to two and a half minutes to midnight, amid increasing concerns over nuclear weapons […]

Burj Khalifa On Indian Republic Day: Dubai Tower Lit In Indian Colours

The world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, was lit up in tri-colours – saffron, white and green to mark the 68th Republic Day of India. “Tonight we celebrate India’s 68th Republic Day with a spectacular LED illumination of the Indian National flag on #BurjKhalifa! #India,” the official Twitter account of Burj Khalifa tweeted in both English and Arabic languages. Three times last evening, the musical fountains adjacent to the world’s tallest […]

Raees movie review: Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui's powerhouse performances steal the show

Well, at a time when Bollywood superstar Shahrukhkhan needs a Box Office success the most, filmmaker Rahul.D. has come to his rescue with ‘Raees’. And, after watching the film, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that King Khan has put his best foot forward amid an expected storyline. Raees’ revolves around a bootlegger (SRK) who believes that no religion is bigger than a business unless, it causes no harm to anyone. With […]

President addresses nation on eve of Republic Day, says demonetisation will improve transparency of economy

Addressing the nation on the eve of Republic Day, President Pranab Mukherjee paid tribute to soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the country and said that demonetisation would improve transparency of Indian economy. On the eve of 68th Republic Day of our nation, I extend warm greetings to all of you in India and abroad. I convey my special greetings to members of our Armed Forces, Para-military Forces and Internal Security […]


Commando 2 trailer: Vidyut Jamwal's stunts in this film are the stuff of Tiger Shroff's fantasies

There’s a scene in the recently released xXx: Return of Xander Cage, where Vin Diesel is introduced to the team that has been cherry picked by the powers-that-be, to work with him on his latest mission. Diesel expresses his disdain for them, “offloads” them from the plane they’re on, and then goes on to get his own band of merry men (and women) together. In Commando 2’s just out trailer, […]

Which way the jallikattu protest was going wrong

Caution – Unverified news: Which way the jallikattu protest was going wrong and what made the state government to take a strong decision like lathi charge. Here are few essence of the information: * On 26th January, a tamil organisation (A federation of various small organisation and celebrities like Seeman, Amir, Gowthaman) have planned to introduce a separate tamilnadu flag, map. They have also planned to remove the Indian flag […]

Indian Teacher Sets National Record By Making 50 Lakh Sentences With 170 Words

  A secondary school teacher from Dahanu has set the national record for framing the ‘maximum sentences using minimum words’ in English language. Balasaheb Chavan, 37, framed 50 lakh sentences using only 170 words while creating teaching techniques to help his vernacular-medium students understand and retain the language. The teacher was granted recognition by the India Book of Records recently. Chavan said the project started in 2010 when, as a […]

You can change the effects of KARMA and make life better – Here’s how

You must have heard people talk about Karma and its effects. But do you know what Karma is and how it shapes your destiny? Well, Karma in the simplest word is ACTION. It falls in line with the universal law of attraction that says, “you shall reap as you sow”. So if you cultivate goodness, you will invite the good into your life and if you harbour negativity and hatred, you […]

The smart parent's guide to bringing up boys:7rules to cultivate gender-aware men

When gender based violence erupts on our TV screens, as it did recently with instances of molestation in Bengaluru, we react in shock. What does it say about a society where such acts have become routine? The shell of silence surrounding sexual violence needs to be shattered. As a first step towards a more honest conversation, we bring you “Talking Gender”, a series of articles on the fundamental problems of […]