Monthly archives: February 2017

Explained! The real purpose of human life

We all know that after several lives, we are born as humans and it is believed that our soul passes through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body. Hence, we are born with some purpose. According to the vedas, a human has a certain purpose which he needs to fulfill. These are called four basic objectives or pursuits of life in order to attain salvation or Moksha. Below, […]

Hyperloop promises Delhi to Mumbai in just 60 minutes

US-based Hyperloop One today made a strong pitch for Indian market to move people and goods much faster way using magnetic levitation technology. Offering super fast transportation solution, the company claims to reduce travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to just 60 minutes and Mumbai to Chennai to 30 minutes. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said in New Delhi participating in an event organised by Hyperloop One that, So many new […]

The making of desi girl Priyanka Chopra from Indian to international

Priyanka Chopra’s giving no quarter in 2017. The actress ended last year by moving up to No. 16 on IMDb, the world’s largest Internet movie database, ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and even Johnny Depp in the popularity stakes. And to No. 8 on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebs in the world. She joined UNICEF’s global goodwill ambassadors Jackie Chan and David Beckham. Time magazine put her […]

A one-page EPF form to ease withdrawals

If you are a salaried employee and contribute to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), there is good news. Withdrawing your EPF account have become easier. Not that we recommend withdrawals, as EPF is a retirement product but EPF allows withdrawal if you are unemployed for at least 2 months and partial withdrawals for events such as medical emergencies, children’s education or buying a house, (read more about it : http://bit.ly/2lQA9h0).  […]

No Time For A Workout? No Problem, Just Switch To Brown Rice As It Has The Same Effect As A 30-Minute Brisk Walk!

For some of us, even a 30-minute brisk walk may not be on the cards; regardless of the time of the day or night. If you still want to shed some pounds, but don’t know how, switch your diet to barley, brown rice, buckwheat and Oatmeal for refined grains, as switching to brown rice may give you the same effect that you would otherwise get from a 30 minute of […]

A Billion Identities At Risk As PM Modi Widens Digital Reach

Shivam Shankar Singh woke last month to an e-mail from an Indian government department. It had a name, address, mobile phone number and bank account with a code for money transfers and investments made in a dairy farm. None of the details were his. The e-mail contained details submitted to a program that collects personal and biometric data, and was meant for someone from the eastern state of Bihar. Singh, […]

From weight loss to preventing diabetes, is the raw food diet the anser you're looking for?

One of the biggest myths is that a raw food diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for the body Among the core ideas behind the raw food diet, which practitioners prefer to call ‘the raw food lifestyle’, is the belief that other than a few genetically inherited abnormalities, there is only one illness: toxemia. The theory is that toxemia, an “uncleanness” of the blood and tissues, is caused mainly because […]

Guess which is the richest city in India

Did you know Kolkata has the highest number of millionaires? If this surprises you, let’s tell you that Kolkata even houses the most posh localities in India- Alipore and Ballygunge. India’s financial capital Mumbai, which is home to 46,000 millionaires and 28 billionaires, is the richest Indian city with a total wealth of $ 820 billion, says a report. According to New World Wealth, Mumbai is the richest city in […]

Thousands march in memory of murdered Vladimir Putin's critic

Moscow: Thousands of Russians marched through central Moscow on Sunday in memory of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, two years after he was shot dead near the Kremlin. The assassination of the former deputy prime minister on February 27, 2015 was the highest-profile killing of a critic of President Vladimir Putin since the ex-KGB officer took charge in 2000. Five Chechen men from Russia’s volatile North Caucasus are currently on […]

The 2 Most Important Things Digital Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on

It remains a fact that over 50% of startups fail before they even celebrate their first anniversary. Thousands of entrepreneurs pursue their dream of becoming successful, yet they can’t even get their idea off the ground. They might have a great idea, an innovative one, an out-of-the box kind, a model which will change the landscape of the digital platform, yet they fail. Why? The answer is simple. EXECUTION. They […]