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Why does India HATE the help? When 180 million people live in poverty, why is India's PM waging a war against NGOs claiming to help those in need?

Although NGOs help those in need, there are over two million NGOs in India and many of them don’t really do what they claim Greenpeace claim that this is a crackdown on dissent from potential ‘disruptors of the narrative’ Sewa UK admit that honest NGOs are affected, but believe that Modi is doing this for the right reason In his first two years in office we have seen much of […]

Use of nuclear weapons will be met with ‘overwhelming response’: US warns North Korea

The United States has issued a stern warming to North Korea against any use of nuclear weapons. Reiterating Washington’s security commitment to Seoul, Defence Secretary James Mattis today vowed effective and overwhelming response to any use of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang. “America’s commitments to defending our allies and to upholding our extended deterrence guarantees remain ironclad: any attack on the United States, or our allies, will be defeated, and any […]

A.R. Rahman talks up Toronto, the musician’s life and a film that smells

Before concert honouring famous composer, he talks about making musicians respectable — and making a movie with odours. Though he’s based on the other side of the world, A.R. Rahman has long enjoyed a curiously charmed relationship with Toronto. The innovative Indian composer first travelled here in 1996 to score Deepa Mehta’s Fire, the beginning of a fruitful three-film collaboration. In 2004, the stage spectacle The Lord of the Rings […]


Sunny Pawar, The 8-Year-Old Star Of Oscar-Nominated Movie 'Lion', Has Some Unfulfilled Dreams

He tried to teach Nicole Kidman how to play cricket but was left unimpressed. When little Sunny Pawar was auditioning for a role in a film along with 2,000 other children, he had no idea that he would eventually end up in an Oscar-nominated movie. “I was only asked to play,” he told HuffPost India, taking a break from his board game for a series of interview that had been […]

10 Points About Chennai Oil Spill And Massive Clean-Up Ops

Hundreds of Coast Guard men, engineering students and fishermen are using their hands to clear a giant oil spill in the sea near Chennai, with a machine proving useless in pumping out the thickening sludge. Tonnes of oil spilled into the sea when two cargo ships collided on Saturday. Environmentalists are worried because nearly half a dozen turtles have died in the polluted area. In four days, half the oil […]

Google raises $4M for immigrants, half of it from CEO Sundar Pichai

US President Donald J Trump’s government has been receiving flak for the ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries. Individuals and corporations from different parts of the world have expressed that they are against this move. Indian-born Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has raised $4 million, to be donated to the affected refugees all over the world. Google employees together contributed $2 million, and the remaining amount came out […]

On Kalpana Chawla's death anniversary a tribute to the first woman astronaut from India

Fourteen years ago, on this very day, the world lost a promising star to the sky. The first Indian-origin woman to go to space, Kalpana Chawla, perished along with six others after their space shuttle exploded on entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Born in March 17, 1962, in Karnal, Haryana, Chawla finished her schooling from there after which she got a degree in aeronautical engineering from the Punjab Engineering College in […]

Indian-American who inspired SRK’s Swades questioned on immigration status

An Indian-American woman, who along with her husband had been the inspiration behind Shahrukh Khan’s film Swades, was stopped and asked by police if she was in the US “illegally”, an incident which comes amid rising fears over President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Aravinda Pillalamarri, 47, was walking in her Bel Air neighbourhood on the morning of December 21, a routine with her, when she said she was stopped by […]

Budget 2017: Here's what's cheaper and what's dearer!

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday presented the Union Budget 2017 which the government hailed as ‘path-breaking’ while PM Modi termed it as ‘uttam’ Budget. And while custom and excise duty has been hike on some, it has been reduced on some products which will eventually lead to commodities getting costlier or cheaper. In his speech, Jaitley said his proposals on excise and customs duties will not result in any […]