Monthly archives: March 2017

There's nothing called a free lunch! Now it can attract GST

Soon, the economic theory that whatever goods and services are provided –the expense of the same must have been borne by someone, is going to hold true in case of employee-employer CTC agreement. That is, you don’t get anything for free! Come July 1 and leasing of land, renting of buildings as well as EMIs paid for purchase of under-construction houses will start attracting the Goods and Services Tax. There […]


Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer - Spotlight's on Iron Man, Vulture and recreating iconic train scene

When the first official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer dropped in December 2016, it gave fans just what they had been waiting for — more of the fast talking, faster-moving Spidey played by Tom Holland, who we’d gotten an all-too-brief-but-none-the-less-pleasing glimpse of in Captain America: Civil War. We saw Holland’s Peter Parker navigate the travails of high school, the somewhat confusing mentoring by Iron Man aka Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Nariman Worried About Hindutva But Is Secularism Intact?

If you follow the news in the past few days, you will observe a lot of column space has been devoted to Fali Nariman’s questions about the appointment of Yogi Aditya Nath as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. He even went at length saying, “The prime minister may deny it but that is my assumption that appointing a particular person…as the chief minister is in itself an indication that he wishes to […]

ClamorWorld Exclusive: Finally I have revealed my dream in the form of a book

The man who started his career writing poetry and has since written two titles in Urdu, ‘Urdu Poetry Book’ and ‘Sarhad Ke Us Paar’, which was a fictional novel. Now, he has come up with ‘The Chronic Mansion’ an English fictional novel. After struggling for many years, the book was published by Blue Rose Publishers and was released worldwide last month. Written by a young man who hails from a […]

Problems faced by MBA students

Rahul had recently joined MBA program and he was back to hometown for a few days. He happened to bump into Mr. Sharma and he asked, “beta suna hai MBA kar rahe ho, B.Tech ke baad job nahi mili thi kya?” Rahul was surprised about the perception people have about MBA. Many people believe MBA is a course people pursue when they do not get a job with another course. […]


Actress Swara Bhaskar Has Written an Open Letter to Her Stalker – Sexism. And You Can’t Miss It

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has written an open letter to a stalker who has hounded her since the day she was born – sexism. And she wants the world to hear what she has to say. The actress, who recently attended the India Today Woman Summit, read the letter out loud and spoke about how her entire life has been informed by sexism and misogyny. With a tinge of sardonic […]

All you need to know about Gudi Padwa or Ugadi

A festival that binds more than half of our nation, known as Ugadi or Gudi Padwa is the New Year according to Hindu calendar. The first month of the year is called Chaitra and the first day of Chaitra is known as Ugadi. This festival holds utmost importance in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. One festival, different names: This day is celebrated with different names and for different reasons. In […]

How gossip changed one Pakistani woman's life

A Pakistani-born woman has won a 17-year legal battle over a university error that triggered damaging gossip that changed the course of her life, reports the BBC’s Umer Nangiana in Lahore. “The university crushed my dreams and it never apologised,” said Wajiha Arooj. “No money could compensate for the damage their act did to my honour and reputation in society.” It began with a seemingly minor error, when Ms Arooj, […]

They Started at the Bottom of the Corporate Ladder. Now They're Millionaires.

By Amanda DiSilvestro Everyone knows a person who has pulled themselves up in the world, through hard work, a little luck, and lots of motivation. Those people might have tripped along the way, but they pushed on and always forward. In these stories, what becomes less important is what is given to you—and what’s more important is what you earn on your own.   Take Shahid Khan; born in Pakistan, […]