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Daily exercise may cut heart attack risk even in polluted areas: Study

Researchers in Denmark, Germany and Spain evaluated outdoor physical activity levels (sports, cycling, walking and gardening) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2 pollutant generated by traffic) exposure in 51,868 adults, aged 50-65. Over a 17.7-year period, there were 2,936 first heart attacks and 324 recurrent heart attacks. Higher levels of pollution were associated with more heart attacks, however, the risk was lower among those who were physically active, the researchers found. Moderate […]


MUKTA Advertising is excited to be promoting partner for the Third Annual Colors of Love International Concert to be held at the Hammerson Hall, Mississauga Living Art Centre ON Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 6pm onwards. The Mission of Colours of Love International Concert is spreading love and celebrating diversity through the performing arts and raising awareness for mental health. International stars from abroad will feature singing and dancing. A […]

Cultivating awareness

Everyone is making choices, but choices made in unawareness are compulsions. Let us say you get angry right now. It is actually your choice to be angry. Somewhere, you believe that is the way to handle the situation, but the choice is made in such unawareness that it is a compulsion. It is happening compulsively on a different level. So you are living by choice, but choices are being made […]

Did you know that too many choices overwhelm your brain

Do you always find it difficult to decide what to order for lunch? According to researchers, this is due to the phenomenon of choice overload, which occurs as a result of too many choices being available to your brain. A study conducted at California Institute of Technology by Colin Camerer reveals new insights into choice overload, including the parts of the brain responsible for it, and how many options the […]

Ganga crusader GD Agarwal dies after 111-day fast, PM pays tribute

G D Agarwal, a former professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur and a man who devoted his life to the cause of saving river Ganga, died today. Agarwal was on a fast-unto-death. He died on the 111th day of fasting. Agarwal began his fast on June 22 to protest the government’s alleged inaction in taking measures to make the Ganga free of pollution and free-flowing. Agarwal died […]


Jack and Dil's trailer

The first official trailer of ‘Jack And Dil’ starring Amit Sadh and Arbaaz Khan was released on Wednesday. The film has been directed by Sachin Karande and is slated for release on November 2, 2018. The film was earlier scheduled to release on September 21. However, the makers pushed the release date to October 26, to finally shift it to November 2, 2018. Please follow and like us:

These Are The Best Countries To Live And Work In, And To Boost Salary

Moving abroad boosts the average worker’s income by $21,000, with the best-paid staff found in Switzerland, the U.S. and Hong Kong. That’s the conclusion in a survey showing that 45 percent of expats said their existing job paid more internationally and 28 percent changed locations for a promotion. In Switzerland, famous for both sky-high mountains and prices, the annual income boost totaled $61,000. Expat salaries there averaged $203,000 per year […]

Easiest Way To Learn Mensuration Formulas

Mensuration is a very important and high weightage chapter for the class 12 board exam, JEE, IBPS PO exams, and other competitive exams. Therefore, every student must know the entire list of mensuration formulas along with their derivations by heart and should also be able to solve questions rapidly. Mensuration is a branch of mathematics, which mainly deals with measurement of length, perimeter, area, and volume of various parameters of […]

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle biggest ocean polluters: Report

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are among the companies that contribute most to ocean pollution with single-use plastics, according to a study presented on Tuesday by the “Break Free from Plastic” initiative. The environmental movement, launched in 2016, has helped clear the coasts of 42 countries around the world of discarded plastics. “These brand audits offer undeniable proof of the role that corporations play in perpetuating the global plastic pollution crisis,” […]


Danger lurks in miniseries based on John le Carre’s novel:‘The Little Drummer Girl’ teaser

The teaser for British-American mini-series The Little Drummer Girl was released on Monday.The teaser hints at the nefariousness of Kurtz’s plan and the danger lurking around Charlie when she agrees to work for him. “You cannot stop the devil. Only the man performing his work,” a voice-over declares. The Little Drummer Girl marks the television debut of acclaimed Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook. The Little Drummer Girl will be premiered on […]