31st ASEAN summit begins in Philippines

31st ASEAN summit begins in Philippines

31st ASEAN summit begins in Philippines

The 31st ASEAN Summit has begun in Manila, Philippines where earlier today in the opening ceremony Honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was seen shaking hands with other leaders.

Modi interacted with other world leaders including the US, China, Russia. The event’s gala dinner was attended by them all, hosted by President Rodrigo Duterte of Phillippines.

Modi is planning to hold bilateral meeting before the Summit with Duterte and with Donald Trump. Modi is also supposed to speak at the ASEAN business and Investment Summit.

This is is the 25th anniversary of the India-Asia dialogue partnership as well as the golden jubilee of the ASEAN regional bloc formation.

ASEAN, also known as the South East Asian Nations is comprised of Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, VIetnam and Singapore.

It is said that during the summit this year, the issue of South China Sea is going to be dominant. China’s Military buildup is dominating the South China Sea, makes it a major issue. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang clearly reiterated the position of Beijing and how it wants to resolve the disputes bilaterally with neighbouring countries.

The bilateral relations between China and Philippines have encountered a setback because of these South China Sea issues. However, with appropriate handling, the relations were back on track.

Chinese Premier is possible going to explore the development of the South China Sea issue and is looking forward to making it a sea of cooperation and friendship. This is all for the goodly relations between the two countries.

China is also looking forward to work with Philippines to handle maritime issues properly with bilateral consultations. They are going to give full play to all kinds of mechanisms.

China’s military buildup is a thorny and an aggressive issue according to many diplomats participating in the ASEAN summit. It is because China is trying to claim sovereignty over the South China Sea, which is a huge source of Hydrocarbons. But, to this other ASEAN member countries have contrary claims.

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