5 Dangerous Foods To Try At Least Once In a Lifetime


A food lover’s curiosity to try as many new dishes as possible is never ending. They take pride in experimenting with adventurous new flavors, cuisines and recipes. While some are lip-smackingly delicious, some have a crazy burst of a multitude of flavours and some are, well, borderline dangerous to eat. And that’s what makes them a must try and deserve a special mention on your bucket list! We have curated a list of 5 such luscious foods you must eat, but with caution.

1. Fugu
As much as this dish looks appealing, it is deadly at the same time. Fugu, also known as the puffer fish, is normally eaten raw, after cutting it into thin strips. It can only be served by trained chefs with years of experience in preparing Fugu because its internal organs contain the lethal poison tetrodotoxin which is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide. With so much risk, chefs need a proper license to prepare this dish.

2. Casu Marzu
This traditional dish by Sardinians is basically rotten cheese filled with maggots! Made with sheep’s milk, this cheese is left in the open for the flies to lay eggs, which turns into larvae and causes fermentation. Though they can cause severe illness in the intestines, it is relished and eaten as a traditional food in many parts of the world. But that’s not all; the maggots can jump up to 6 inches into the eyes! So don’t forget to wear glasses while eating.

3. Hakarl
Described as the “worst tasting food on earth”, Hakarl is a rotten smelling shark from Greenland.
This fish doesn’t have kidneys or urinary tract i.e. all the waste and toxins are filtered into the skin. It is first fermented and hanged to dry for almost six months to make this delicacy edible. It might make you nauseate but it is a must try for all the brave foodies out there!

4. Sannakji
A dish is not for the faint hearted, it is basically a Korean raw baby octopus. It will give you all the feels as if you are eating it alive. It moves even after being cut into pieces. With the suction power of the tentacles, you might feel like it is climbing the back of your mouth, giving you all the thrills and chills you were expecting! As creepy as it may sound, you would never forget these sensations for the rest of your life!

5. Echizen Kurage
A dish to boast about! It is basically a parasite jelly fish living on tuna. Being a threat to the Japanese tuna supply, it was made into a delicacy itself. It can be a great example of best from the waste! Before ingestion, the toxins are removed to make this dish safe. However the picture of it alive will give you the chills before you take a bite of the dish.

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