5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars

In the last hundred years, we have made a significant amount of progress when it comes to the exploration of space.  One century we are riding horse and buggy, and the next we are setting foot on the moon.   We are all humbled when we see photos of other planets and galaxies because of their sheer beauty, but even more humbling is the fact that we still know very little about them.

Sure we know the measurements and physics of Mars, but where did it come from?  Did it once contain some kind of life, maybe even intelligent life?  We are still unsure of it’s history, which is why it remains so open for speculation.

We all know that the Egyptians were obsessed with building periods.  There are literally over 100 pyramids in Egypt, including the Great Pyramids.  The capital of Egypt is Cairo.  Do you know what Cairo means? Mars.  And sure enough, we have also found pyramids on Mars.  Notice in the photo below how the left side of this formation is perfectly straight, and how a perfect right angle is made at the bottom which extends across a perfectly straight base.

Is it possible that other civilizations may have existed on other planets in our solar system?  Not only does Mars contain its infamous face, it also has pyramids scattered throughout its landscape and other structures resembling the ruins of civilization.  But it gets even stranger than that.  Here are 5 of the most mysterious photos ever taken on Mars!

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