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5 natural foods to provide instant gas relief!


It is a common fact that most people tend to eat more when the food is just too delicious But, overindulgence in food can take your health for a toss and may lead to a bloated stomach due to indigestion which ultimately leads to excessive gas in the stomach.

This painful gas if not passed out either through burping or while flatulence, not just puts you in an uncomfortable situation but can also be a warning of serious health issue.

Here are few natural remedies to provide immediate gas relief:


Consume just the right amount of ginger about half an hour before each meal and feel the difference.


Garlic is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is widely recognised as a health enhancing supplement. It not just gives flavour to your food, but can also help aid stomach gas as it has high fiber content.


Add a tablespoon of crushed cumin seeds to the soup to soothe the intestinal gases.


Taking juice of basil leaves with water empty stomach in the morning enhances digestive power and hence prevents bloated stomach.


Adding peppermint to your tea or eating them raw can help a lot in easing gastric problem.

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