5 Ways You Can Make Women Feel Special This Woman’s Day


I am sure that most of you are flooded with what’sapp messages or special offers to celebrate Woman’s Day. But let me ask a question to all our readers, is respecting a woman only about offering her a rose on March 8? Is respecting a woman about buying her expensive gifts, giving her a comfortable life or about letting her to shop till she drops? Well unfortunately none of these that the consumer driven economy would have you believe.

As a woman the one fact that I can vouch for is ‘stop treating her differently!’ Perhaps that one phrase that has stuck to me almost like a stigma since the time I can remember is ‘Remember you are woman’. I rather like to think of myself as a focussed and a complete human Can you tell me if that is wrong?

Therefore this Woman’s Day, here is a peek at a woman’s heart about how you can make a difference.

  1. Equality Is About Acceptance: Long back I once read that woman’s emancipation is about men. Would like to correct that. I feel it is about the society at large. If you accept that men are women are equal, learn to embrace and accept it. You could ask me how? I would say start with your speech? Ask a person not to be weepy, avoid saying ‘Don’t cry like a girl’ or perhaps ‘you are not that strong, you are a woman’. We all have different strength and abilities, better not to colour it with a gender bias.
  2. Bid Adieu To Your Ego: Perhaps I do not blame men, it’s been there with them for generations now and it is pretty much part of the DNA but the so called ‘male ego’ can be rather hurtful. From putting down the woman’s perspective in a simple household discussions to grievous crimes like rape, it is often the ‘male superiority complex’ that’s manifested in different ways. Learn to overcome it.
  3. Don’t Decide: The woman as she grows up, right from her childhood, has certain values ingrained in her like ‘woman should dress in a particular way’, ‘women should talk in a particular manner’, ‘women need to make certain adjustments’. Surprisingly in an age and era where women are achieving many milestones in outer space are still battling these issues at home and office. Shameful, ain’t it….let the woman decide what she needs. She can make a choice, trust her and she will surprise you!
  4. Celebrate Womanhood: Today we see a major segment of women having a strong and full fledged professional career. But with so many women working, have perceptions change? Well I once had an ex-colleague make a vociferous claim to me, ‘Now don’t use the pregnancy card to avoid work’! You are shocked? So was I but that’s a fact. I do not want that colleague of mine to sympathise but if I am working despite my pregnancy he or she should be according the same curtsy that they would offer to any their colleague facing health issues that need constant nurturing!
  5. Try Following Just Any Of The Above Points: I am sure most of you enlightened souls would agree to most of the above points and even preach to others. But the point is do you practice it? My question to both women and men is simple, do we really work to accord the respect that every human deserves, irrespective of being a man or woman?

Even women themselves are at fault in this regard. Perhaps today is as good a day like any other to finally make a beginning. Make the woman’s day a day of acknowledging the inner you, stop apologising and start accepting the real you. Only then can you can make others around you start respecting you.

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